WorldCat to Wikipedia citation

By Fae Last update Nov 2, 2010 — Installed 481 times.

Script Summary: Creates a Wikipedia citation based on the contents of a WorldCat listing

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Takes the information from a listing for a book, article or other library item on WorldCat and creates a Wikipedia formatted citation with as much data as possible.

A discrete [Show citation] button is added to the top of the WorldCat item listing page. When clicked this shows an in-page editable text box with a formatted Wikipedia citation for the current item. As well as a useful resource for finding OCLC numbers for items with no ISBN, this script interprets information for articles including publisher, journal, article page range, abstract text and volume number. The script intelligently guesses firstname/lastname split for up to 4 authors (the Wikipedia citation maximum).

Note, if the page is formatted in an unexpected way, the script will not show the citation box rather than cause any failure of the display of a WorldCat item.

2009-10-23: Toggling ref and layout buttons and better author order. You may find Wikipedia citation from Google Books a useful alternative.

Example 1: output for a complex article citation:

<ref name=Bhole2007 >{{citation
 | last = Bhole
 | first = Abhijit
 | year = 2007
 | title = Extracting named entities and relating them over time based on Wikipedia
 | last2 = Fortuna
 | first2 = Blaž
 | last3 = Grobelnik
 | first3 = Marko
 | last4 = Mladenić
 | first4 = Dunja
 | journal = Informatica
 | pages = 463-468
 | volume = 31.4
 | issn = 03505596
 | oclc = 443756992
 | url =

Example 2: non-book short layout footnote:

<ref name=Asquith1930 >{{citation | last=Asquith | first=Anthony | year=1930 | title=Tell 
England | last2=Barkas | first2=Geoffrey | last3=Bruce | first3=Tony | last4=Harbord | 
first4=Carl | publisher=British Instructional Films Ltd | format=VHS video | oclc=225763448