By Rich Seller Last update Jan 22, 2010 — Installed 145 times.

Script Summary: Gold plate Stack Overflow

Adds summary and inline update features to SOFU sites.

Shamelessly ripping off two existing scripts to [make timestamps UTC][1] and [show daily reputation][2], here's a script that:

- Shows day's rep score in the top bar
- Shows the most recent update inline in the header
- Locks the header bar to the top of the page so it's always in view
- Queries for new questions once a minute and updates the page with new questions and updates to existing questions
- If looking at a particular tag, the page is updated only with questions for those tag(s)
- Queries for today's reputation once a minute and inline updates reputation and today's score (with a little hide/show effect for added niceness).
- Modifies the times to use UTC
- Shows the contents of today's reputation as a tooltip on mouseover of today's score