travian attack waves builder

By gembel_zillonmendonk Last update Sep 30, 2009 — Installed 82,682 times.

Script Summary: sending multiple wave in seconds + attack schedule

Version: 0.2.3

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1. sending 10 waves in seconds.
2. automatically send waves of attack with different arrival time

how to use: (see pictures)
1. fill troops form
3. fill attack type
2. fill coordinates x and y
3. click 'GET ETA' button (this action send request to server and show response information like arrive in, arrive at, etc)
4. there two ways how to send your form. first, just click 'ATTACK NOW' button, and attack will send soon. or, you fill 'attack time' input with format HH:mm:ss, if time has come, your form will submit immediately.
5. good luck

change log
- fixed bug two target of catapults
- new fiture for debugging
- new fiture for time delay between waves (experimental) only work with 'Attack Now' method,
- new fiture for amount of waves (experimental) this will create amount of waves in every 10 seconds

- add input field for date

- new layout
- add target of catapults
- fixed bug attack date and time