ccIt - Travian

By dlogan Last update Sep 5, 2009 — Installed 661 times.

Script Summary: Send IGM's in Travian to more than one recipient at at time using a ";" to separate the names

Version: 0.10

Hate having to copy and paste IGM messages to multiple windows in order to send the same message to multiple people? Now you don't have to.

This script allows you to enter multiple names within the "Recipient" field of the normal IGM field, separating the names with a ";", and have that message sent to all recipient's listed.

WARNING: This release should be considered BETA software and has not been thoroughly tested. It is not suggested to try and use this software to send a message to more than 10 recipients and you should check your sent folder to validate that the message was in fact sent.

Check back often for the latest version while this is perfected.


  • .10 - Switched requests to Ajax requests and added a ~.5 second random time delay inbetween requests to avoid being flagged as a spammer.
  • .07 - Fixed bug that resulting in a user getting submitted the message twice
  • .06 - Fixed issue resulting in last form page not submitting
  • .05 - Fixed a typo on the included page so that the script actually runs on the right page