Megaupload auto-fill captcha++

By Avindra V.G. Last update Mar 10, 2011 — Installed 86,993 times.

Script Summary: Auto-fills the megaupload captcha and auto-starts download

Version: 0.2.2

Copyright: 2009 Shaun Friedle

License: GPL version 3;


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A History

This script added a Captcha-Bruteforcer of sorts to Shaun Friedle's script, in addition to a few speed optimizations which made it faster.

In October 2009, Megaupload broke the script, but I fixed it.

In December 2010, Megaupload was feeling nice, and removed captchas altogether. So now, the script simply auto-downloads from Megaupload for you, without any waiting. The captcha code is left in just in case MU randomly attacks a user with a captcha. Enjoy!

The Making of

Shaun's script:


My original MU script (do not use):

The "MU_Bundle" script by Descriptor which served as inspiration for above script