Reddit Uppers and Downers Enhanced

By brasso Last update May 22, 2011 — Installed 63,618 times.

Script Summary: Show up-votes and down-votes next to the total score on reddit comments. Originally written by mistercow and optimized by Allan Bogh. It now also works on user pages by default like commentroversy do.

Version: 1.4


1.4: Upvotes/downvotes are now dynamically updated when you vote. Better support for Stylish. Also includes jQuery 1.6.1 as a workaround to support Chrome. Safari and Opera updates may be coming later.

1.3: Contributions by Allan Bogh and skeww making the script run even faster as well as avoiding freezing the browser.

2009-09-04 (one minute later)
1.2: This version does not exist.

1.1: Use native JSON (if it's available) because it's much faster. Patch contributed by savetheclocktower.

1.0: First release. Incorporating a patch by Allan Bogh significantly improving the performance of the original Uppers and Downers by mistercow.


Since the original Uppers and Downers script by mistercow has been around for a while without an update I took the liberty to patch the script with code recently provided by Allan Bogh, giving it a serious speed boost. It's now much faster than both the original Uppers and Downers and commentroversy!

If you don't like the colors and bold text then find these lines and simply comment them out by typing // in front of them.
GM_addStyle(".moo_ups { color:rgb(255, 139, 36); font-weight:bold; }");
GM_addStyle(".moo_downs { color:rgb(148,148,255); font-weight:bold; }");