CiteULike Enhancement Toolkit

By LondonAnalytics Last update Feb 8, 2011 — Installed 768 times.

Script Summary: Enhancement scripts for citeUlike: suppress ads, add quick-access menu items, identify papers by CUL members, change the default amounts of detail on listings, remove redundant [My Copy] links, etc. Works in Firefox 3.x, and requires Greasemonkey. Also works in Google Chrome. As far as I know, this does NOT yet work in Opera. Sorry.

Version: 201102051022

Script homepage

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On all pages

  • Quick-access menu-bar items - Insert links for Library | Unread | Search | Authors | Tags: New clean elements and old useful elements come together in this spiffy CUL menu interface. You can also now click on the CiteULike menu item to go to the home page, and on the MyCiteULike item to go to your portal page.
  • strips out the adverts, freeing up the screen space for the important things

In listings of papers

  • identify which papers are written by CiteULike members - If any of the papers displayed have been identified by a citeULike member as authored by them, then you'll see a message just above the top of the list, saying something like "Reveal the 5 of these papers authored by CiteULike members". Clicking that text will hide all the papers except those by CUL members - in this case, leaving just 5 on display. The clicked text will now change to say "Show all papers" (and you can click that again to restore the display of all papers).
  • suppress the default listing of article details on library and search screens, by setting showDetailsInLibrary = false

On your own profile page

  • Get suggestions for new connections - this will add an option in the top-right of your profile page to search your library, looking for papers by other CUL members. Having done that, it will then list those authors, and those papers, to enable you to add the person to your watchlist or list of connections, or view their profile or the list of all the publications they've identified as being theirs.

In the posting window

  • Collapse all your tags by default: Collapses all your tags by default when posting, and assigns accesskey "t" to toggle tag-list visibility.
  • Expand the abstract by default.

In your library

  • Remove the redundant [My Copy] links when you are in your own library (inspired by the script by mrsmond).

In Citegeist

  • Adds [My Copy] links to those items already in your library.

(Recent updates to this script)

  • 2011-02-04 Fix to ad-remover to ensure connection requests don't get hidden; and fix to ensure that it jumps to the right place on the page (essential when reading the forums)
  • 2010-10-23 Small bugfix to get the connection-finder feature working again on the profile page
  • 2010-01-20 Moved the "suggest connections" box that this script creates, from the picture section of the profile page, to the "specialist subjects" section, because the picture section now incorporates a location map, leaving insufficient space