The Pirate Helper

By Noah Keller Last update Jan 1, 2014 — Installed 27,601 times.

Script Summary: Enhances your pirating experience by adding torrent links to iMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, TVMuse (and MovieFone, soon).

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The Pirate Helper

Embeds search results from The Pirate Bay and Stream link (when available)
into iMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and TVMuse. Cleans up The Pirate Bay
a little. Now has an options menu for configuring the url and protocol of The Pirate Bay.

If you guys have any suggestions or anything let me know, I don’t really know what else to do with it.


  • Works best in combination with the Adblock Plus browser add-on and the Anti-AdBlock Killer UserScript by reek
  • You can click the magnet icon below the movie name to download the first torrent on the list


  • Options menu to set The Pirate Bay URL/IP and protocol.
  • Works well with Chrome and Firefox.
  • Automatically checks for updates daily, so you will always have the latest version.
  • Makes search form order by seeds highest to lowest by default on The Pirate Bay
  • Auto removes torrents with 0 seeds on The Pirate Bay
  • Random UI Tweaks on The Pirate Bay
  • Adds Magnet and Stream links to iMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and TVMuse


  • Make sure you have TamperMonkey, or GreaseMonkey installed.
  • Click Here
  • ???
  • Pirate

Or, to install from GitHub Repository, visit:

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About the Author

I am an aspiring programmer, who has never worked professionally in the field. The only reward I get for this is the satisfaction of seeing good reviews on my work. It would mean a lot to me if you took a second to tell me what you think, and even make a suggestion, if you have one.

Planned Updates

  • More in-depth options menu for better control of what the script does.


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