zSHARE redirector

By Perberos Last update Aug 24, 2009 — Installed 2,543 times.

Script Summary: Auto click, redirect

Version: 1.0

Copyright: 2009, Perberos (perberos@gmail.com)

License: (CC) Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike; http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

Script homepage

It is and easy to use script that I made to helpme to download without click anything.

How to use:

* Click the zShare link (Use middle click mouse to better experience)
* Continue surfing.
(You can see the timeout in the tab of the zShare page without watch the full page)
* The save as window will appear, then save the file & close the tab that say "Done".

Usefull to me.
Have fun! and sorry about my poor english