Flickr Follow Comments

By Mortimer Last update Feb 22, 2007 — Installed 8,768 times.

Script Summary: Filter the comment you've made to only follow the one that interest you.

This is a script to implement features that have been already asked a few time all around the flickr community: have a better control over the view of the "Comments You've made" page to be able to filter to see only certain types of comments.

The current features allow you to see directly 10 pages of comments and filter the comments displayed to show only:
* photos from your contacts/friends/family with new comments
* photos with new comments and less than 10 since yours (so you still see your original comment).
* photos with new comments that you have not marked as ignored
* photos with new comments since your last visit (loading) of the "Comment You've Made" page.

You can change the number of pages of comments parsed by changing the line:
in the file.