Better iGoogle

By Matt Kruse Last update Jan 21, 2010 — Installed 9,550 times.

Script Summary: Take control of your iGoogle page! This script GREATLY improves the RSS feeds on your iGoogle page, making them look better, giving summaries on hover, and allowing you to mark feeds as "read" so they don't show up if there are no new items. It also adds many more options, letting you take full control over your iGoogle experience!



  • Fixed to work with Firefox 3.6, just released
  • Fixed a problem that some users (myself included) were having with RSS summary displays being too big and poorly positioned
  • Added the ability to fully hide the tabs/chat bar (
  • Fixed a problem that some users were having with document.getElementById('col1') is null.
New - 2009-12-09:
  • Fixed a problem caused by the latest release of GreaseMonkey. Saved preferences and state of rss feeds were not being saved.

New - 2009-11-30:

  • This version corrects display problems when the user is not logged into iGoogle. Also, it will show the options link for all users on first install, even if the user has it manually hidden.

New - 2009-11-03:

  • Fixed a problem that prevented some feeds from loading. In order to avoid Google's cache, I append "?random=123xxx" to the end of feed url's. Some sites don't like this and return an error when this is added. In these cases, you can go into the options and un-check the option to avoid caching for this feed. As a work-around, the script will automatically enable caching on any feed that encounters an error, and try again.
  • Fixed a problem with saving and retrieving checkbox options, which I actually found while debugging the above :)

NEW! Native Firefox Add-on!
I have created a stand-alone Add-on for Firefox from this GreaseMonkey script. You can access the add-on here:
Please spread it around!

New - 2009-10-23:

  • Fixed bug that caused clear/refresh buttons to sometimes be displayed twice
  • Better scrolling - now items won't capture the scroll wheel event unless a summary is being displayed AND the summary has a scroll bar
  • Fixed a problem that caused summaries to be "jumpy" and display 2 or three times when the mouse was moved over the title before summary was displayed

New - 2009-10-08:

  • Fixed the problem of RSS feeds sometimes not loading
  • Better display of story summaries - they position themselves nicely now
  • New RSS option: Delay before showing summary on hover over title
  • New RSS option: Horizontal offset (in px) from cursor for summary display
  • New RSS option: Width (in px) of summary display

New - 2009-09-25:

  • Manually set the height of any gadget
  • Optionally hide the title bar of any gadget

Other Features include:

  • Prevent the annoying auto-refresh of the page that interrupts games and other gadgets
  • Hide the Search bar
  • Hide the footer
  • Condense whitespace to fit more on the screen at once
  • Remove the rounded borders to save whitespace
  • Hide the tabs/chat sidebar
  • Mark RSS feeds as "read" to only show new items
  • Add icons next to feed stories from the target site
  • Hover over feed stories to view the summaries
  • Completely hide feeds with no new items, so you only see feeds you need to read
  • Change the refresh frequency, number of items, and title of feeds
  • Avoid feed caching, so your feeds always display the latest stories