KeePass AutoType Enhancer

By JC2k8 Last update Nov 25, 2011 — Installed 1,426 times.

Script Summary: Sets the focus on the username field to quickly enable KeePass AutoType feature. Adds hostname to title.

Version: 0.4.3


Simplifies the automatic filling of username and password into lots of login forms. This script sets the focus on the username field and adds the hostname to the title. With version 0.2 of the script you can choose if the script should set the focus on username fields outside the viewport or not. With the shortcut ALT+CTRL+S you force the focus on the first username field found on the site. If the hostname isn't already displayed in the title, the script will add it without the www prefix. The user should only have to press the global hotkey as defined in KeePass.

This is more refined version of Chris Wood's KeePass Helper 2.

What does the script do?

  1. It tries to set the focus on any username field it might detect on a given site. If you want the script to always set the focus on a username field, regardless if it is inside or outside the viewport, set onlyInsideVP to false.
  2. Version 0.2 adds the shortcut ALT+CTRL+S, which will always force the focus on the first username field detected (the same as onlyInsideVP = false). If it is outside the viewport, the browser will scroll as necessary.
  3. The script will add the hostname to the title if it's not already there. If the script places text there, it does so without the www prefix.
  4. The script will not work with Google's cache. Ever.


- removed
+ added
! bugfix
* changed

0.4.3 - (2011-11-25)
! showing sub-domains displayed the whole domain
0.4.2 - (2011-05-25)
! Stripping of www. (thx D. S. Kinney)
- GM_log parts
+ Delay setting the focus by 150 ms (for sites like GMX)
0.4.1 - (2011-05-17)
! For some reason querySelectorAll didn't work the way it should.
0.4.0 - (2010-12-21)
* Detection of text boxes
+ Option ignoreSubdomains: Determines if you want to have sub-domains in your titlebar.
+ Option returnAllSubDoms: Do you want just the third-level domain in your titlebar or all the sub-domains.
0.3.0 - (2010-10-11)
* Partly rewritten. Works now with IFRAMEs as well (e.g.
* Improved viewport detection
0.2.1 - (2009-08-13)
! Hostname detection in title.
0.2.0 - (2009-08-12)
+ Option onlyInsideVP: Only set the focus if the control is visible.
+ Shortcut: CTRL+ALT+S sets the focus on the first username field found anywhere on the site. Additionally, you can right click on the Greasemonkey icon, go to User Script Commands and select "Set focus on username field".
0.1.0 - (2009-08-11)
Initial version