Ravelry usernames on Twitter

By caseyf Last update Feb 23, 2010 — Installed 1,028 times.

Script Summary: Show Ravelry usernames and profile links on Twitter profiles, and following/followers pages. You may remove the* include if you only want Ravelry names to appear on following and follower pages.

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Things to Know
  • This only works for users who have added Twitter as a 'social site' in their Ravelry profiles.
  • When you browse profile or following/follower pages, Twitter names are looked up using the Ravelry API. If you don't want to send Twitter usernames that you browse to Ravelry for lookup, don't install this script.
  • If you'd like to add Rav links to your Twitter home page and other timeline pages, you can uncomment the line that performs that (near the end of the source code) It is commented out by default because it looks a little cluttery and it doesn't support loading additional pages with Twitter's "more..."
Need help? Have questions?

There is a Greasemonkey Ravelers group - it's really quiet but do give it a try.

Want to add your Twitter account to your Ravelry profile?