By brian dunnington Last update Sep 2, 2009 — Installed 41,748 times.

Script Summary: Sends Growl notifications for Google Voice updates

Sends Growl notifications for Google Voice updates

**UPDATE** - 09.01.2009
Google Voice changed their HTML so updates were broken. The script has been updated and should be working again.

**UPDATE** - 08.10.2009
The latest version now sends the actual SMS or Voicemail text as part of the notification (instead of just saying 'You have 1 new message'). However, in order to use the new version, you must uninstall the old version first - simply installing the new version over the top of the old version will not work due to how Greasemonkey handles @require declarations.

Requires the Growl/GNTP Firefox extension ( as well as a version of Growl that supports GNTP, such as Growl for Windows ( or a development build of Growl on OSX (