In-Game Radio KoL Player

By Pseudo Last update Jun 30, 2009 — Installed 311 times.

Script Summary: Inserts a Flash app into the menu pane that streams Radio KoL

Version 1.0.1

This script for Kingdom of Loathing embeds a Flash audio player into the menupane that streams Radio KoL. It will also insert itself into the login page and the maintenance page, so you can keep using it during rollover. The interface is simple: play, stop, mute, volume slider. It displays the currently playing song.

If KoL is not in "compact" mode, it will also display the name of the current DJ with the show title as a tooltip. If it is in compact mode, the DJ and show title are shown when hovering over the song title.

This uses the 64 kbps server by default, but that can be changed by simply editing the "URL" variable in the script.

Now compatible with KoLmafia's Relay Browser.