Enhanced Gifter

By Rich Jamrosz Last update Feb 23, 2010 — Installed 80,169 times.

Script Summary: Helps maintain inventory levels in Mafia Wars. This is done through auto repeat gifting until desired loot levels are met.

Version: pre3.0.0

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First time Greasemonkey users

  1. You must be using Firefox as your browser
  2. Download the Greasemonkey AddOn
  3. Install this script from the above button

Script Usage

  1. Go to the Mafia Wars profile of the mafia member you want to add to your recipient list. It must be a Mafia Wars profile, not a Facebook profile.
  2. Click "Add as recipient" button. You will be notified that they have been added and then redirected to the Gifting page.
  3. Travel to the Mafia Wars gifing page, this is where EG will do most of its work
  4. In each category insert the quantities you wish to keep. They default to ALL.
  5. Click "Save Quantities" button.
  6. Select a mode of execution
    1. "Execute" will send surplus quantities for all items
    2. "Execute Category" will send surplus quantities for the the currently visable category
    3. "Execute Selected" will send the surplus quantity for the currently highighted item


  • You can send an item by lowering the "Keep" value without saving. This will alow you to send what you what and when the page reloads, your old saved value will still remain.
  • If you have messed up your "Keep" values, you can use "Reset Quantities" to reset everything to "All" again.


  • Enhanced Gifter and MWAP don't play well together. For details on how to get them to work better together look here
  • The gifting page does not load for people with enormous mafias. For details on what do to look here


  • Updates are checked for every 24 hours automatically
  • You can do a manual check by selecting "Enhanced Gifter -Manual Update Check" from the greasemonkey menu



  • Custom Mafia Names
  • Catches duplicate recipients
  • Moved Delete Recipient Button
  • Execute category fixed
  • Default Recipient button made
  • Developed Default Recipient method
  • Added the a couple alerts to tell what is going on.
  • GiftKey is now found at the time of execution, so it no longer saves. This should reduce issues with people using mult accounts
  • Added tooltips to each recipient in the dropdown box to display ID#
  • Reworked saving of quantities, saves tons of processing, like a few thousand processes. Quantities saved before this update will be lost though, sorry
  • Alert text when trying to make a non-mafia member a recipient
  • Possibly fixed problem with content not showing up for the enormous mafias. Can one of you please speak with me about this? I would like to get this working for everyone
  • Future ideas

    • Disable Navigation Popup (if possible)
    • Stop button(check button text then zero out array)
    • Current sending summery
    • Test new methods of sending (it needs to be faster!)


  • Added 'EG - Add as recipient' back to the Greasemonkey menu
  • Moved 'Add as recipient' on the profile page, now a separate button
  • Navigates automatically to the Gifting page after an 'Add as recipient' event
  • Default category selected is Loot instead of Collections


  • Collections included
  • Boosts included
  • Reset values
  • Dropdown box of recipients
  • Replaced GM command to save recipient, now a link on profiles
  • Send everything
  • Send by category
  • Send by single selected item
  • Lists what has been sent during current execution
  • Moved from 'Loot' page to "Gifting' page
  • Better overall look