Sharecash autodownload

By timendum Last update Jun 9, 2010 — Installed 390,675 times.

Script Summary: Auto-download files from

Version: 4.0.1 final

Thanks to Couchy for keep me updated to sharecash!


This script isn't updated any more, and doesn't work!


- Version 4 08/11/2009
Because of ShareCash, i made a new method to enable the download link (thanks to Omgmybffjill, Couchy, WastedMoFo, AlmostKilledMe)
- Version 3.6.2 06/11/2009
Disabled by default, so you don't get banned.
- Version 3.6.1 04/11/2009
Url cleanup (thanks to lupe, Couchy and Omgmybffjill)
- Version 3.6 02/11/2009
Again just another url (many thanks to Couchy)
Form now the script should (i hope) update itself (via usoCheckup Automatic Script Updater)
- Version 3.5.2 15/10/2009
Again just another url (thanks to bugmenot)
- Version 3.5.1 05/10/2009
A little change, after the down of sharecash. The same script, just edit the url ;)
- Version 3.5 29/09/2009
Another change, i hope they will get tired of this little kung fu fight...
- Version 3.0 25/09/2009
Re-written again, this time a different way to work it out: i increase the history of the browser with "fake" data, so when sharechash checks the history, it's all right :D
- Version 2.0 12/09/2009
Re-written, because Sharecash keeps changing the html and the JavaScript once a week...
Hope this time will last more ;)