GLB Power Rankings V2

By garrettfoster Last update Jun 4, 2010 — Installed 8,722 times.

Script Summary: This is the second version of my power ranking script for GLB. This version gives the user more control over how the rankings are calculated.

Version: 2010.06.04

Copyright: 2009, GarrettFoster

If you have any bugs post them here or PM me in the game. Also, feel free to let me know if there are features you would like to see added.


-fixed an error finding opposing the opposing team's id
-made a fix that should make the momentum calculation work properly
-revised the way offense and defense ranks are calculated. It will simulate each team "playing" the other 31 teams. The team that score the most or allows the least is the best.
-fixed an absolute value bug that affected the bottom half of the rankings
-made a change to a potential momentum bug
-Changed a heading in the output. SoS is strength of schedule.

-changed the output to be more forum friendly

Future Work

-add the ability to customize the table that is outputted
-add the ability to have the table converted to a forum friendly output
-have momentum affect offense and defense ranks also
-include team links in the output table