Hotfile Helper

By Henry 'Pi' James Last update Jul 20, 2009 — Installed 19,852 times.

Script Summary: Skip the nuisance delay (unfortunately, the hourly traffic limit remains)

Version: 2009-07-19

This script backdates your download request, so the server thinks you've been waiting for the download since 2009-06-15, thus allowing you to proceed immediately to the next page, which the script also automatically loads.

A nice side effect of this script is it allows you to download even with site JavaScript being blocked (via NoScript, for example). (Note that in case the hourly traffic limit has been reached, you would need site JavaScript to see the message telling you when you'll be able to download again.)


  • 2009-07-19: Replace the "ignorelimit" option with a re-activated download button in case the hourly traffic limit has been reached; you can use that button to get the download link immediately if you want to add it to a download manager for a scheduled download at a later time, as the link itself doesn't change
  • 2009-07-06: Workaround for Hotfile's new, non-wellformed HTML ("<form> ... <table> ... </form> ... </table>" is certainly not allowed)
  • 2009-06-22: In case the hourly traffic limit has been reached, do not skip the first page unless "ignorelimit" is on (default off)
  • 2009-06-21: Now automatically skip the first page, plus minor tweaks and cleanup
  • 2009-06-16: Minor tweaks and cleanup
  • 2009-06-15: Initial release