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By steeev Last update Mar 8, 2009 — Installed 10,759 times.

Script Summary: Lets you add tags to any flickr user, you can then view the tagged users via a whole range of different filters, including view by tag, view tagged users photos,favourites,testimonials,most interesting photos, photos of that user etc, etc

Version: 0.644 08-Mar-2009

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Image demonstrating image search restricted to your tagged contacts:

Image demonstrating the new "Tag this person" menu item:
Flickr Contacts Organiser Greasemonkey script


This script allows you to organise your flickr contacts by adding tags to them.

You can tag any flickr user they dont need to be your contacts in order for you to tag them. You can even tag users that have blocked you or that you have blocked.

The tags are stored locally on your machine and are thus private to you.

To tag a user you can either do it from the contacts page, where a +tag link will be added next to users icons, or theres also a "Tag this Person" menu item added to the BuddyIcon menus.

Once youve tagged some contacts, if you go to the contacts page you can view the contacts listed by tag, there is also a select box called "Current Filter" You can change the filter to view photos from those tagged users.

The current list of available filters are:

  • Most recent photos
  • Earliest photos
  • Most recent videos
  • Earliest videos
  • Recently favourited photos
  • Most interesting photos
  • Least interesting photos
  • Most interesting videos
  • Least interesting videos
  • Random photos
  • Photos of yours theyve faved
  • Photos of theirs youve faved
  • Photos tagged with...
  • Photos text includes...
  • Their contacts
  • Their contacts photos
  • Faves you have in common
  • Contacts you have in common
  • Their most popular photo tags
  • Photo tags you have in common
  • Their groups
  • Groups you have in common
  • Recently commented photos
  • Testimonials they have written
  • Testimonials they have received
  • Their interests
  • Interests you have in common
  • Photos of theirs you have commented on
  • Photos of yours they have commented on
  • Photos they have commented on


    Updated: 19th April 2007

    Fixed a bug that on occasion caused the tag datastore to get corrupted. now if the script detects a corrupt datastore, it will automatically fix it.

    I also added ability to backup and restore the tag datastore via flickrmail, which means you can back up your datastore to your flickrmail account and then import your tags on another computer. These functions are available via the "Tools/Greasemonkey/User Script Commands" or "Tools/User Script Commands" Menu

    Updated: 4th May 2007

    Added "Recent photos of this user" and "Interesting photos of this user" filters. These do a tag search for "me,selfportrait,flickr:user=username" on the users photostream.
    Added recent+interesting "Photos tagged with..." filters I Fixed the "testimonials they wrote" filter. Also fixed the intermittent stream duplication bug.

    Updated: 20th June 2008

    Fixed script to work with latest Firefox and GreaseMonkey.

    Updated: 5th March 2009

    Fixed "commented on" filters and "testimonials made" filter, fixed restore backup from flickr mail datastore. Added new video filters

    Updated: 6th March 2009

    Added image enlargement on mouse rollover of thumbnails. Fixed alphabetical sorting of tags

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