SU Extended What's New

By Foresthippy Last update May 25, 2009 — Installed 706 times.

Script Summary:

Version: 1.4


This script is now obselete and no longer works with the current version of SU.

It adds an option to generate an extended "what's new" page, with the following:

  • Full length posts
  • Blog posts
  • Thumb down reviews

It generates this page by visiting the first page of up to 20 people you subscribe to, and checking for new posts. It remembers approximately the last 1800 posts it has shown you and doesn't show anything over 24 hours old, so you should always get only what is actually new. Retrieving the first page does register as a visit, so the script keeps track of the last 60 people it has taken posts from and refrains from visiting again for at least another 3 refreshes of the page.

The script adds a link to the "what's new" page to initiate the page generation:

I've added a few options to control how the script retrieves posts from people's pages:

New posts retrieved per visit

One: The script retrieves just one post from each person's page it visits
All: All new posts on each person's page are retrieved

Maximum visits / target posts

The maximum number of visits attempted in trying to obtain the target number of posts. If you have the "All" option selected for posts retrieved, the script might obtain more than the target number of posts, since that is a minimum.

The defaults for these options are as in the previous version.

23rd May - fixed bug which prevented script from running if too many post IDs are stored
11th May - added options to minimise visitor traffic

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