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By Foresthippy Last update May 25, 2009 — Installed 1,076 times.

Script Summary:

Version: 1.4


This script is now obselete and no longer works with the current version of SU.

This script adds functionality enabling you to set and display an online status on your public profile page, similar to MSN. It does not affect your normal SU online status indicator, this script is meant to provide an additional indicator, with more options. You can set your status on your favorites page, which will stay that way until you change it to something else (so don't forget to set to offline when you go to bed). I'm completely open to suggestion, but currently the options available are:

At work
Be right back

And now includes a custom option, so you can set your status to any old nonsense:

The script adds a new drop-down box in the sidebar, on your favorites page, to set your status:

If you want to see the effect of the script on your page, look at your public profile (

Installation instructions

Important! This script needs to be enabled before it will work. I've added a section to the "customize profile" preferences page (

Go to your "Customize profile" page, and tick the box to enable the script.

Important Note: The script interacts with your "customize profile" page. This page contains all your interests, favorite films etc. Given this fact, if you've spent hours and hours completing these sections, it wouldn't hurt to copy the text into a text document, and save it, just in case...

Update Note: If you are using an earlier version of the script, please set your status to (none) before installing the latest update. If you don't, you may end up with two status messages. If this happens, manually edit your "about me" section, and remove the html at the beginning, that isn't part of your normal text, and save.

15th April - fixed symbol mangling bug properly.
15th April - fixed symbol mangling bug.
15th April - added custom option.
14th April - script now keeps set status after modifying "about me" section.
14th April - fixed problem with duplicated status when switching between PCs.
14th April - fixed bug causing some people to have missing "enabled" option in /prefs/settings page.

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