Flickr CC Attribution Helper

By CogDog Last update May 25, 2013 — Installed 3,986 times.

Script Summary: Generate attribution text for flickr creative commons photos so it is a one click operation to copy and another to paste where you need (web page, presentation, email)

Version: 0.810


The new flickr redesign of March 2014 has broken the capabilities of this script for good.

But do not fret, I have recoded it as a browser bookmarklet tool that provides the same functionality. Get yours today at

Everything below no longer applies.

This script makes giving attribution to flickr creative commons such a simple thing you cannot believe you had done it any other way earlier.

Any flickr photo page you visit that has Creative Commons License applied will display two text fields below the CC license listing (right side of photo). Clicking either field will select it, so you can do a quick command-c to copy.

The first box displays attribution in HTML, including the IMG tage to embed the 500px wide version, useful for pasting into a blog post. The second box has an attribution in plain text, so you can use in presentations, emails, etc.

This script works in Firefox with Greasemonkey and can be installed directly as extensions in Chrome (I need to figure out how to make Safari ones). Note that Google Chrome no longer allows you to install from this site, but you can find it as the Flickr CC Attribution Helper in the Chrome Store