Ikariam Upgrade Watcher (v1.3.2)

By Anh Tuan Nguyen Dao Last update Oct 26, 2009 — Installed 39,740,539 times.

Script Summary: Attaches a simple icon on each building which show level and if upgradeable

Ikariam Upgrade Watcher for Ikariam v0.4.0

IMPORTANT: Since I don't have much time to follow the updates in Ikariam, I've not been able to update this script myself. Another person has updated it for the new Ikariam version 0.4.0. http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/85300

Currently: Ikariam Upgrade Watcher v1.3.2, 26th October 2009

Fixed: Icon and tooltip positioning for temple (thanks to Lordshinjo for pointing out the problem).

User discretion is adviced

You should now that this script is marked as illegal on many servers, if not on all. I have, including some users, tried to get this script improved, but the administrators of Ikariam servers have all rejected.

Here are two reasons:

  • This script changes the game experiences.
  • It makes additional server requests.

Well, I can agree on the first reason, but when you have like 6 cities, it gets pretty annoying to click on each building to see if it is upgradeable. The second reason is pretty weak--I tried to explain that the script does not make unnessary server requests, it does NOT make a request on each page. The script only make requests to the server on research and academy page and only if you have not done the resource bonus reduction researches. After that, it will not make any further requests. In fact, you make more requests when you click on each building to check if they are upgradeable, but the administrators seems not to understand this...

The bottom line: You can use this script without any worries. This script is not detectable by the administrators on Ikariam servers! I am using this script myself and will keep using it whenever I play Ikariam.

Also, if you like this script, please mark it as your favorite script, makes me happy! :)


If you are familiar to the online browser game Ikariam, you will properly have noticed how annoying, it sometimes can be when you look at your big city with it's resources, and you simply do not know which building is upgradeable regarding to the amount of your resources. Ikariam Upgrade Watcher (IUW) is what you need.

This script attaches an icon to each building in your cities. Each icon has a color and a number which indicate if you have enough resources to upgrade the particular building and the current level of the building respectively.

  • Simple
  • An easy way to determine if a building is upgradeable
  • Coloured icons to give you better overview
  • Showing the building level
  • Uses resource reduction bonuses from research
  • Uses resource reduction bonuses from buildings in your city
  • Automated detection and calculation of the resource reductions
  • No pre-settings required from you
  • No external scripts requests
  • Info box to see the status of resources required for the given building
  • Supports GreaseKit and Fluid

Whenever you install a new version of this script, make sure you uninstall the previos version first. Do not copy-paste the source code, in some cases, the new features will not work, because of some cached items in GreaseMonkey.

Also try out the script Ikariam Reloaded made by Buzzy. It works fine along with Ikariam Upgrade Watcher.


Here are some details and the meaning of the icons and their colors. Be sure you got the idea of the colored numbers in the info box.

Green Barracks    Blue Barracks    Red Barracks    Grey Barracks

Green Icon Enough resources to upgrade the building.
Blue Icon Enough resources to upgrade the building, but a construction is going on.
Red Icon Not enough resources to upgrade the building.
Grey Icon Information about next building level is not available.

Green Barracks Info    Red Barracks Info
  • Green number indicates the number of resources you have left after the upgrade.
  • Red number indicates the missing resource in order to upgrade.

Construction spot icon    Construction spot info box
  • Note: The infomation in the info box for a construction spot is calculated two levels ahead. This means that the needed resources shown in the box are for the upgrade of the building after the construction is done.
Suggestions, bug reports & questions

If you have new suggestions, found some bugs or simply want to ask me something about this script, please make a post in the discussion room.

VersionDateChange Log
1.3.226th October 2009Fixed: Icon and tooltip positioning for temple (thanks to Lordshinjo for pointing out the problem).
1.3.116th October 2009Fixed: Building cost calculation has been revised in Ikariam version 0.32 which I did not know, so the calculation are all wrong. This is now fixed (thanks to RandomMan for pointing out the problem).
Fixed: A bug with dot-notation problem for servers which uses such notation (thanks to malus for posting the bug).
Note: For servers which are still at version 0.31, the "old" building cost calculation is still supported.
1.3.015th October 2009Ikariam version 0.32-ready.
Updated: All building costs database has been updated and corrected.
Updated: Images are now linked in place (file).
Fixed: A bug where the info box is not positioning correctly on palace or residence construction spot.
Fixed: A bug for servers which use dot-notation as thousand seperator in stead of comma (thanks to Carpediem for pointing out the bug).
1.2.227th June 2009Added: Supporting Fluid and CreaseKit (thanks to Kahil Young for the suggestion and testing the script in Fluid).
1.2.18th June 2009Updated: Improved positioning of the icons. Icon and info box at construction spot are now correctly positioned.
Fixed: A bug which caused no resource reduction when a reduction building is being upgrade.
1.2.02nd June 2009Added: Icon and info box to construction spot (thanks to giangkid for the suggestion).
1.1.126th May 2009Fixed: A bug when NOT using Black Canvas add-on to Firefox, the level indication is not centralized correctly.
1.1.025th May 2009Added: An info box has been added to each icon which shows the information about resources for the given building. This can be turned off in the options page.
Fixed: Bug where in a rare case, an icon is not shown on the wall.
Fixed: Bug which caused no sulfur reduction bonus.
1.0.317th May 2009Fixed: First time running check which caused unnessary research checks.
1.0.217th May 2009Fixed: Now parsing the building level correctly for different languages (thanks to oliezekat).
Updated: Improved bureaucracy-spot check.
1.0.117th May 2009Fixed: Bureaucracy-spot, not showing if you are not done with that research.
Removed: Alert boxes which shows up at the start.
1.0.016th May 2009First release.