By Ferk Last update Oct 26, 2010 — Installed 1,638 times.

Script Summary: Turn "apt-get install" lines into "apt://" apturl links. Making easy to install packages in one click.

This script is intended to ease the life of Ubuntu/Debian users who browse the Internet searching for software, tutorials, etc.

I can't write an apt:// url here, but you can see an example of it in this website: http://www.apturl.net/index.php/install/js2-mode

Apt: urls are a way to install packages by using a protocol handler to read the list of packages to install.
More info about AptUrl (and how to set it up for some browsers) can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptURL

The script will match lines such as these:

sudo apt-get install emacs emacs-goodies-el windows-el jde js2-mode
aptitude install freepats timidity-interfaces-extra timidity-el tuxguitar
$ sudo aptitude install ttf-droid ttf-unifont

When the script is installed, the text strings in those examples will turn into clickable links that will launch a graphical installer for each of the packages in the line.