Click Translation

By SD-DAken Last update Nov 13, 2009 — Installed 1,599 times.

Script Summary: Hold down the [alt]-key and click on any text you want to translate. (If you want to translate a link use [alt]+[ctrl]+[click] instead).


-To change the language into which you wish to translate, you have to change 'en' on line 21 to the two-letter language code of your choice.
-You can turn the display of the language pair (i.e. the source and destination language) off. To do this change line 24 to displayLanguagePair = false;


With display of the language pair:
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Without display of the language pair:
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Update (13th Nov 2009):
-Loads the language API only when needed now; this reduces unnecessary network traffic and is better for privacy reasons.

Update (22nd Aug 2009):
-Long texts need to be split up into smaller pieces before translating.
Previous versions always split after a fixed number of chars, which was sometimes in the middle of a sentence or even a word, which affects translation quality negative. This update includes an updated algorithm which splits the text at punctuation marks, it improves quality significantly in some cases...