YouTube Perfect - Embedded version

By Víctor Pimentel Last update Dec 25, 2009 — Installed 13,663 times.

Script Summary: No autoplay; buttons to play HD/HQ with MP4 or Flash plugin; download; visit the original page. Works for any site, detecting most YouTube embedded videos.

Version: 0.3

Copyright: 2009 by Victor Pimentel

License: Public Domain

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Version History:

  • 0.3 - 2009/12/25
    • Updated to work again.
  • 0.2 - 2009/04/10
    • Gmail is excluded due to some lags.
  • 0.1 - 2009/04/09
    • Initial release.
    • No autoplay, one preview will appear instead.
    • Buttons to play videos with MP4 player, MP4 HD player or Flash player.
    • Buttons to download the video or to visit the Youtube original page.
    • Support for HD videos, though SD mp4 version is the default.
    • Support for live-changing sites like Google Reader.
Full Description:

Designated to fill the voids of my userscript "Youtube Perfect". The original script only works within Youtube, and this script only works outside of Youtube, with the popular embedded players you can find in every site. Because of that both scripts are fully compatible, and if you like it one you should try the other.

Only compatible with Greasemonkey/Firefox, porting to Safari/Opera/Chrome it's nearly impossible because it needs some Greasemonkey API functions.

Primary features:

  • No auto-play: No player is loaded until you click Play.
  • Quicktime/Flash: You can choose between the default mp4 player (Quicktime) and the official Flash player.
  • HD/HQ: It always loads the highest quality version, HD if available.
  • Download: The highest quality MP4 version of the video can also be downloaded through a button.
  • Direct Link: A button will allow you to visit directly the Youtube original site.
  • Previews: You get a preview of the movie.

When you click the preview, it then loads your movie player (your MP4 plugin, e.g. Quicktime, or if you press the Flash button, the YouTube flash player). This is especially helpful for people fed up with Flash constantly crashing their browser. It's also useful if your movie plugin is more efficient than your Flash plugin (in my computer, using Flash there's a 20%~25% CPU overload, in others can cut the CPU usage by half), and it can play HD videos in certain machines where Flash cannot.