Psychic TinyURL (Discontinued; see description)

By chimericdream Last update Dec 4, 2009 — Installed 483 times.

Script Summary: This script shows the URL you are going to in the title attribute of the link. If the link already has a title, the script appends the URL at the end inside parentheses. Examples: "Some title text (URL)", "URL"

Update: the script this one is based on now has the added functionality that I originally wanted. You can now choose whether to replace the link text or simply add a hover title (which is what I originally created this script for). Therefore I am not going to update this script from now on. I highly recommend setomits' TinyURL Decoder script if you want the functionality that is/was here.


Credit for this script goes to setomits (GM Script). His version replaces the URL entirely, and since some services give their users more functionality than just link shortening (i.e. analytics, statistics, etc), I changed it to show the URL as a title instead of replacing the link.

I will try to keep this script updated as setomits updates his.

See setomits' original for the list of supported services.