By bara_boy Last update Jul 9, 2009 — Installed 24,199 times.

Script Summary: Travian battle report logger. Share your battles with friends!

Allows to save travian battle report logs with a single click right from the game.
Supported servers: com, net, org, uk, us, ru, ua, bg, de, ro, gr, pt, id, cz, br, tr, lt, pl, hr, hu, ba, nl, fi, sk, ae, ir, il, cl, dk, ee, fr, hk, it, my, no, rs, si, th, tw, vn, au, ph, se, cn
Works in Opera and IE (with installed IE7Pro) without changes.

April 8, 2009. Added German language. Now works with new Travian 3.5 version.
June 3, 2009. Added Persian language.
July 9, 2009. Added Swedish language.

Version 3.1

Version 3.5