Quietube Auto-Redirect

By Cyranix Last update Mar 21, 2011 — Installed 8,234 times.

Script Summary: Auto-redirect videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, and more to Quietube. Now including "pre-direction"!

About Quietube:

Quietube (http://quietube.com) strips away all the junk that isn't the video you want to watch. Simple, straightforward, and awesome.


-- Buffer videos. I know it can be done with YouTube, as someone else wrote a lovely script to do just that... but Vimeo doesn't have a Javascript API ready yet. It seems that Viddler has some kind of API, too.
-- DONE! Aggressive link modification. Optional feature to preemptively convert relevant links on any page, rather than wait to visit the video site and get redirected.


Mar 27 2009:
-- "Original Page" link will no longer cause another redirect (for those times when you actually want to see the referring site).

Mar 30 2009:
-- Testing is good! "Original Page" tweak does not work for Vimeo; thinking of other ways to prevent redirection.
-- Perhaps there is a more sophisticated way to do it, but I'll think about it later. As for now, I've updated with a quick-and-dirty fix for the "Original Page" link for Vimeo videos. Shout at me if problems arise.
-- Streamlined a bit further. I'm satisfied for now; hope you are too!
-- Fixed the Viddler include lines and Vimeo URL check. Thanks to Emilio, who got it right.

Apr 2 2009:
-- Another minor Vimeo tweak. The script now properly redirects if you visit a video page as a result of following a link in the embedded player. Easy fix for a less-than-common situation.

Apr 13 2009:
-- I think I've got a working implementation of the aggressive link modification, as mentioned in the wishlist. Gonna wait a day or two and test it before releasing.
-- Test links: Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie (YouTube), Sex, Drugs, and Rocketships (Vimeo), The Vanishing Card Trick (Viddler). The original URLs are non-Quietube, but with the link modification they are "pre-directed" to Quietube.

Apr 14 2009:
-- Okay, new version with aggressive link modification is up! I put the old version in a comment block at the bottom, just in case. Please start a discussion thread if you find errors!
-- Also added some comments to describe the pieces of the script.

May 12 2009:
-- Quietube has added support for the BBC iPlayer. However, I can't test it here in the United States, since the videos are geoblocked. If any UK users want to help, I'd be glad to update the script to work with the new functionality.
-- Well, the iPlayer support seems to be okay (as easy as I'd hoped), according to a couple testers. Let me know in the discussion area if you have any problems.

Jun 28 2009:
-- Made the method of getting the Original Page link a bit better. Just in case.

Jan 09 2010:
-- Made the method of getting the Original Page link much less stupid with XPath.
-- Simplified the supported URL regex checks and improved the YouTube one because it wasn't getting URLs like Conway's Game of Life in APL, which doesn't have v as the first parameter.

Jul 24 2010:
-- Finally got around to killing off the Vimeo auto-redirect since it is not currently supported (after an API change, I think). If you want Vimeo support to return to Quietube, email the guy at shorttermmemoryloss.com not me!

Mar 21 2011:
-- Switched to jQuery selectors and added a proper closure.