One Manga Full Chapter Loader

By sillymokona Last update Jul 2, 2010 — Installed 52,963 times.

Script Summary: For use with One Manga ( This script will load all the images in any manga chapter for you and makes reading mangas from One Manga easier and faster.

Version: 2.3i



One Manga seems to be shutting down in response to the crackdown on scanlations. It makes me sad to say this, but I will have to discontinue this script (until, perhaps, OneManga is brought back up). Maybe you'll see something from me again someday. I'm glad this script has made several people enjoy their manga reading better :D

Table of Contents

  1. Requirements
  2. Features
  3. Keyboard Commands
  4. Your Feedback is Welcome!
  5. Work in Progress
  6. Known Issues
  7. Changelog


For Mozilla Firefox users:
You'll need (1) Mozilla Firefox and a Firefox plug-in called (2) Greasemonkey. Make sure that Greasemonkey is enabled before you press the green "Install" button on this page.

For Google Chrome users:
You'll need Google Chrome (recommended) or Google Chrome BETA.The dev-channel version of Google Chrome is not officialy supported. Cookies must be enabled for the features that allow to to save data between sessions (such as bookmarking).


- Keep track of the manga chapters you have read or have yet to finish reading. You can also use this to simply help you remember chapters of special interest.
- For this feature to work in Chrome, cookies have to be enabled.

Page Browsing
- All the pages of a chapter are loaded at the same time! This way, you can read through a chapter seamlessly just by scrolling down!
- An indicator will appear just before the first page of the loaded chapter when the chapter is supposed to be read from left to right.

Collapsible Navigator
- All the navigation elements are contained within a single bar that you can show and hide at your discretion! This way, you can eliminate distractions from the page.

Chapter Browsing
- The navigator also has a list of all the chapters of the currently-selected manga. You can select the particular chapter you'd like to view then click the "Load" button, or you can opt to browse the chapters sequentially using the "Next" and "Prev" buttons.

Advanced Manga List Filtering
- The navigator has a list of all the manga hosted at One Manga. Selecting a manga will automatically load that particular manga's chapters. The navigator does its best to mimic the functionality of the One Manga!

Manga Description Lookup
- The navigator fetches manga descriptions for you, upon loading a particular manga. Click on the [?] button beside the manga list/dropdown to show/hide the manga description. Clicking on the box containing the description will hide it.

Query Status Tracking
- The status of any query (for manga, chapter and/or page listing) is displayed via a status box while the loader is loading.

Zooming Functionality
- This script allows you to scale the images of the loaded chapter. Pressing the [+] (plus) button on your keyboard will scale the images 5% larger. Pressing the [-] (minus) button, on the other hand, scales the images 5% lower. Pressing the 0 (zero) button will reset the scale to 100% (normal scale).

Browser Support
- This script currently supports Firefox and Chrome (beta).
- Cookies have to be enabled for Chrome, in order for bookmarks to work.

1000manga Support
- This script works with, the mature manga library counterpart of

Simple One Manga BETA Support
- The script may work with However, the most it will do is to update your reading list when you read a manga, and to provide a button to add or remove the currently loaded manga to your reading list. For now, clicking that button will refresh the page.
- Full support for current One Manga BETA functionality (mostly, the reading lists) will be implemented once One Manga has incorporated the reading list functionality into the main site.

Keyboard Commands

Plus (+) - Zoom-in, or scale the images up, by 5%

Minus (-) - Zoom-out, or scale the images down, by 5%

Zero (0) - Reset the image scale to 100% (default)

Your Feedback is Welcome!

Your feedback is most welcome. If the script is broken, if you need help setting it up, or if you find that the script needs improvement in any way, then please post your feedback here on the discussion page. Remember that the more detailed your feedback is, the better I can improve the script for you.

Many thanks to the people whose user names and posts you will see in the Change Log and the discussion page! The script would be much suckier if it weren't for them.

Work in Progress

Known Issues

  1. *Resolved* With Chrome, the manga listing isn't complete (some of the manga titles are missing).
  2. *Resolved* A change to the One Manga site has been made, causing the loader to stop working properly. I was informed that the loader was broken as of December 20, 2009 GMT+8.
  3. *Resolved* I noticed that in Chrome, the chapter selection/dropdown will force the page to reload when the user selects one of its options.
  4. *Resolved* The navigator for the bookmark gets hidden when the horizontal scrollbar is shown.
  5. *Resolved* On small screens (such as the ones on netbooks, like the eeePC), the description box would obscure the [?] button, thus making it impossible to hide the description box. I was informed of this bug last December 28, 2009 GMT+8.
  6. *Resolved* When a bookmark is loaded, the bookmarked chapter is not selected automatically. I was informed of this bug last January 2, 2010 GMT+8.
  7. *Resolved* On February 05, 2010 GMT +8, I noticed that the chapter listings were not loading.
  8. *Resolved* Script not working for Toriko, brought up in this post.


- This script is now compatible with Thanks to mousearts and leyley for pointing out the mature manga site.

- [Bug fix] Fixed the beta site compatibility bug.

- [Bug fix] Commented out console calls. My bad.

- [Bug fix] Added image server img-c, but made allowance from img-a to img-z.
- The manga listing is slightly faster, but still needs work.

- [Bug Fix] Added content server content.s-content. Apologies to everyone, as it seems that One Manga is currently in the process of migrating its content to new servers.

- Added image server img-a.onemanga. Thanks to mousearts for telling me about some manga not loading.

- The categories of the currently loaded manga will now show up in the description box. Thanks to leyley for suggesting it, and to ryanV for reminding me of it.

- The script will now work on the stable release of Google Chrome. Users or this script are no longer required to make use of Google Chrome BETA.

- [Bug fix] Fixed the bug where the script fails to load the manga listing for Google Chrome BETA. Many thanks to Sparkle for informing me of this problem.

- [Bug fix] Fixed bookmark loading bug when loading the bookmark will fail to change the current chapter.
- In Google Chrome, the script will now make use of XMLHttpRequest, which is cleaner and faster than using iframes.

- [Bug fix] Fixed the bug that prevents the script from loading Toriko properly. Hopefully, this fixes bugs with the other mangas that share similar names as well. Many thanks to ryanV for pointing the problem out, and to tosshin for identifying the problem for me. This bug was identified in this post.

- The OM Rank of the currently loaded manga is now shown in the description box. Thanks to leyley for bringing this up.

- An "Add to Reading List"/"Remove from Reading List" button has been added to the manga description box. You must click on the question mark button beside the manga listing to see it. Currently, clicking on the reading list button will redirect the page. It will remain this way until One Manga incorporates the reading list into their primary site (the non-beta one). Thanks to TangMonkey for this suggestion.
- Image alts have been added to the image. While an image has yet to load, you will see this message in that image's place: "Page <page_number> of <manga_name> is still loading". Thanks to Hideyoshi_K for this suggestion.

- The script will not notify of your more recent reads :D Thanks to Zaraf for pointing this out here, and to hasssan for pointing it out in the reviews as well.

- The script should work with now
- Fixed the manga description button layout

- [Bug fix] Resolved known issue 7 (see "Known Issues" section). Apparently, One Manga reverted to the way they used to load their chapter listing (they no longer use that load_js function they introduced a while back, and opted to load their chapter script through the script src tag instead).

- Bookmarks now work with Chrome. This feature requires cookies, however, so it won't work unless cookies are enabled.
- When a chapter is read from "left to right", there will be a message at the top of the loaded chapter indicating that the chapter is read in this direction. Thanks to NacRuno for this suggestion and to tosshin for his tip in the same post.

- [Bug fix] Resolved known issue 6 (see "Known Issues" section). Many thanks to Sparkle for informing me of this bug.

- [Bug fix] Resolved issue 5. See "Known Issues" section. The description box should hide when it is clicked.

- [Bug fix] Resolved issue 4. See "Known Issues" section. The lower navigation bar (with the bookmark stuff), will adjust everytime (1) the images are zoomed, (2) the window is resized, and (3) an image finishes loading. Reported by oneatari at the OneManga forum here.

- Christmas release! An advanced merry Christmas to everyone :D
- Manga description fetching added. Click the [?] button to view the description of the currently loaded manga. Another great suggestion by tosshin.
- Zooming functionality added. Zooming is controlled by the keyboard keys plus (+), minus (-) and zero (0) for zoom-in, zoom-out and zoom-reset, respectively. This is in response to DarkMaho and Burraddo's posts here and here, a few weeks ago. Thanks guys!
- [Bug fix] Resolved issue 3. See "Known Issues" above.

- Bug fixed! Apparently, a change to the OneManga site was made once more, and this time, it affected the way this loader looks for page links to grab! I'm sorry if anyone was inconvenienced by this for too long.

v1.8 [Bugged Release]
- Attempt at resolving known issue #1. Critical bug. Failed release.

- Added improved search functionality to reflect One Manga's improved search list! The manga listing search is different for this one, though, this one makes use of an almost full-fledged combo box!
- Random manga selection has been taken out for now.

- As a safety precaution, this update makes use of the same information utilized by the new search box of One Manga.

- Disabled the keyboard shortcuts from switching chapters from the original One Manga script. Thanks to Ryan Voots for pointing this one out!

- Removed leftover console calls! Sorry! Added some CSS tweaks.

- Resolved known issue 1

- Now with Google Chrome support! See the "requirements" section above for instructions. Support isn't very complete yet. See the "known issues" section. Thanks to tosshin for the suggestion.

- A tiny fix to center the top nav.

- As per suggestion of DarkMaho of the OneManga forum here, the middle mouse button, and the arrow keys should now work (although I'm pretty sure the arrow keys worked even before this update).
- The status bar has been removed from the nav. In its place is a status box that only appears when the loader is loading something, and fades away after.
- A fade effect is applied to the nav-bars as they fade in and out.

- Bookmarking functionality has been added (As suggested by armagedalbeebop, a member of the One Manga forum here ).

- [Bug Fix] Adjusted the nav bar for smaller screens (think eeepc).

- [Bug Fix] Forgot to remove console.log()!
- Allows users to hide the navigator for more viewing space.

- Added Next and Previous buttons for easier sequential chapter viewing (As suggested by XLStress, a member of the One Manga forum ).
- Returned the "pick random manga" functionality

v1.3g [Bug Fix]
- Major bug, and all I needed to do was add a plus sign to my regex. Apparently, onemanga has more than It also has media2, and possibly other variations.

v1.3f [Update]
- Just made the status messages a little less vauge...

v1.3e [Update/Bug Fix]
- One Manga made another change, so I had to react once more. You'll notice from the source that the way I search for their manga and chapter listings changed. Thank God for regular expressions. They tried to get all clever by localizing their arrays. This was, by far, the most recent challenging update.

v1.3d [Bug Fix]
- One Manga changed the way the contents of its manga_array variable, making values into "/This_Manga/" rather than "This Manga". Please let the changes stop soon.

v1.3c [Bug Fix]
- My bad this time. I've been careless with the previous update and forgot to check if manga switching works.

v1.3b [Bug Fix]
- Updated again. One Manga seems to have changed the URLs of its manga and chapter listing javascript files to content-data.js and manga-[manga number].js respectively. I'm hoping drastic changes won't happen to the site anytime soon.

v1.3a [Bug Fix]
- Updated. Something recently changed in the OneManga site that kept the script from working properly. Did a tweak that fixed the problem.

- Now uses GM_xmlhttpRequest instead of XMLHttpRequest

- [BUG FIX] the script will no longer fire while viewing the directory, recent updates, news, policy, contact and about pages

- Navbar has been improved
- Manga and chapter listings are now dynamically loaded
- A status bar indicates what is currently being loaded

- Removes all elements from the page
- Creates a navbar containing the default manga and chapter dropdowns
- Automatically loads all images within the chapter you are currently viewing</manga_name></page_number>