Unintrusive Meta Refresh Blocker

By Fabrizio Last update Apr 25, 2010 — Installed 7,526 times.

Script Summary: Block meta refresh. STRONGLY based on http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/5506, just few cosmetic changes taken from autopagerize script. Also, it allows refreshes if timeout<10s, as they tend to be redirect rather than actual refreshes. The idea is to make the meta refresh stopper as much unintruisive as possible by putting a little red square on the top right corner of your webpage.

As I had a few comments of people asking why it is not working on this or that webpage, please note that this only blocks the HTML meta "refresh", it won't block the javascript settimeout event (typically used in news website, for example). Please refer to my script Javascript refresh blocker (http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/35375) if this script doesn't block the refreshes in your favourite site.
I keep them separate for technical and non-technical reasons (I believe people would want to use these 2 script in different lists of websites)

Please quote me if you use this job to create another script, as per Creative Commons license. Thanks!