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By steeev Last update Nov 22, 2010 — Installed 252,178 times.

Script Summary: Removes ads, Sponsored stories, Suggested Posts, Games Your Friends are playing, Game and application posts also "became friend with", "is attending event", "became a fan", "joined a group", "read an article" messages from your facebook homepage also fixes news article redirects, restores comment button + lots more

Version: 1.9 - 28th Oct 2009

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The version of the script on this page is out of date and will not work,

The latest version ( v9.7.1 updated on 13th March 2014 ) which is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Maxthon is exclusively available from the FB Purity Website.

Features: Disable Autoplay Videos, Remove trending Topics, Display Animated Gifs, Revert Bubble Chat, Deleted Friend Alerts, Chronological Newsfeed Sorting, Show full Date and Time (timestamps) on posts, Friends Whitelist, Single Column Timeline Layout, Hide Facebook Questions, Hide Facebook Smileys / Emoticons / Stickers, Hide Shared Photos / Videos Events, Hide Upcoming Events, Hide Suggested Posts / Sponsored Posts, Hide facebook smileys / emoticons, Brings back the comment button, Force Newsfeed to most recent, Block multiple applications at once, Hide List Suggestions, Hide People You May Know, Hide Nagging Questions on the Timeline that pester you to fill in your profile information, Filter out posts featuring specific words or phrases with the Custom Text Filter, change Facebook colours + font, hide news ticker, hide facebook questions, hide offline friends in chat, hide shared photos, hide shared videos, hide shared links, Hide Read an Article / Trending articles / Trending Videos, Sponsored Stories, Suggested Posts, Suggested Pages, Facebook Gifts, Notifications Box etc.

For More information about FB Purity, please see the following pages:
FB Purity FAQ | FB Purity Installation Guide | FB Purity User Guide | FB Purity Whitelist Guide | FB Purity Extras Guide

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P.S Do you Want to Disable / Delete / Get Rid of / Remove Timeline on Facebook?

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This greasemonkey script removes all messages posted by applications to your homepage. It gets rid of messages about quizes etc, basically all messages from any applications created by external developers. Just leaving messages from the original facebook apps such as status updates, wall posts, links, notes, photos, etc behind.

*UPDATED* 28th October 2009 Changed the application filter to hopefully block all apps now, as a few seemed to be sneaking through, also addded a new filter to hide all those "became friends with", "became a fan of", "joined a group" and "attending an event" messages, the new filter works the same as the old one, you can still show the messages if you so desire, using the new "extras x [ Show ]" link.

*UPDATED* 26th October 2009 Added a new class of apps to the filter, so it should block a few more of those annoying application messages.

*UPDATED* 23rd October 2009 Facebook have updated the site once more (added live feed) so I've updated my script to work with the changes. N.B there seems to be some sort of weird caching issue, where fb is still displaying apps youve already blocked, am investigating whats causing this now. Have noticed that the blocked apps only show up in the news feed, not the live feed. very strange...

*UPDATED* 22nd October 2009 Ive added a "Block App" link that lets you block the applications, rather than just hiding them. Have also modified how the "Show/Hide" links work, the Show link now isolates the app messages and shows them on their own, and the Hide link restores your feed to normal, with the app messages hidden again. Have also added the Blackberry app to the default whitelist. N.B If you have edited the whitelist in the previous version of the script: Before updating, copy your whitelist IDs from the current script, and then after installing the new version, paste them into the correct place.

*UPDATED* 14th October 2009 Ive optimised the script, so it should run faster than before. also added a few apps to the whitelist (tumblr, tweetdeck, digsby + networked blogs) and removed livingsocial from the whitelist. N.B If you have edited the whitelist in the previous version of the script: Before updating, copy your whitelist IDs from the current script, and then after installing the new version, paste them into the correct place.

The latest version of the script lets you see how many app messages have been blocked, and to show or hide them again. It puts a little message in the top right hand corner of your page.

To install this script on Firefox, first you need to install the GreaseMonkey add on, then come to this page and click the install button at the top right hand of this page. For installing on other browsers, see the links above.

The latest version of this script will always be available at the FB Purity - Cleans up Facebook - Homepage

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