Alltop: Topic Search and OPML

By ruiz Last update Jun 12, 2012 — Installed 2,056 times.

Script Summary: Alltop: Topic Search, RSS button, OPML button, and OPML Auto-Discovery - Updated for new Alltop

Adds search box in the upper-right-hand corner of the Alltop Topic page.
Adds OMPL buttom in the upper-right-hand corner for downloading OPML file.
Enables auto-discovery of feed for OPML tools.

2012/06/10 Updated for new Google CSE parms
2009/09/21 Updated for new layout
2009/06/22 Added RSS button per
2009/03/17 Reposition buttons and search for new Alltop Look

This script combines earlier scripts includes:
Alltop Search
Alltop OPML

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My Post about Alltop Search

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