Server not found? Try and try again!

By Smooshieus Last update May 18, 2006 — Installed 5,265 times.

Script Summary: Continues retrying to load failed pages until they work or you tell it to stop. Now has much more robust dedicated extensions for Firefox!

***This script is no longer updated since a team of guys has picked this up and shaped it into a much more robust extension for Firefox with all kinds of very cool features such as Google Cache, useful links and user preferences. (Get it here: Hopefully they get something done for Chrome too some time. In the meantime, here's the old description and script:***

"Server not found?" Well naturally you didn't type the address incorrectly. Heck, we're all more or less nerds here so typing isn't a very error prone process. Regardless of the reason for the inability of firefox to load the page you're looking for (your network is acting lame, your internet sucks, the website's overburdened or the websites host is run out of the back of the Knight Rider truck...) of course you want firefox to try again! No more clicking the little button, it'll do it by itself. Every 5 seconds. Until you tell it to stop. Simple.

This has been heavily modified by my brother, Paul, who is a much better programmer than I. (I'm just a bit of a hobbyist whereas he's a computer science grad student.) Now there's a much more robust dedicated extension for Firefox based on this code. The extension, TryAgain, is made by Mathijs Lagerberg with a nifty icon designed by me (so I can still feel useful!) It's much better as it stops when you start typing in the address bar (which is impossible to do in a user-script), has custom timings and a few more perks. Get it here: