YouTube HQ + 720p [7 March 2009] [NEW: Resize Youtube for 720p!!!] [+force low quality option]

By Phoenix the II Last update Mar 7, 2009 — Installed 94,411 times.

Script Summary: Makes ALL your YouTube videos go to HQ automatically. Configurable: Resize youtube to fit 720p, force low quality.

Version: 1.2

[NEWS 7 March 2009]: Fixed the script to work with the video player's HQ/HD button! Install your update now! ^_^

This version is fixed to load 720p/HQ content if it's available trough youtube's own quality change scripts.
If the available quality for the video is the 720p version youtube will normally resize the page accordingly.
But the real sizes of the movie player display is closer to 480p than 720p.

This script will resize youtube accordingly to fit the 720p on your screen instead. (that's if you've set option: resize720p = true)
But you'll need a screen bigger than 1400x1050 to be able to fit the page nicely on your screen. If you turn the option off it'll load youtube's default 'HD' sizes.


forcelowquality: This will force to show the low quality whenever you click on a video that goes to youtube.
useHD: If this option is enabled then the script will try to use the 720p video rather than HQ

If both of the above are set to 'false' or in english: disabled. Then the script will always load the HQ version first. If there was a 720p stream available for the video you won't be able to switch trough youtube's interface anymore. It will switch between normal and HQ. To view the 720p without changing the config just put &fmt=22 into your URL and it will force a 1 time 720p view of the video.

resize720p: When this is enabled and if you're going to be viewing a 720p video the script will resize youtube accordingly to fit the video.

If you notice weird behaviour or unsuspected behaviour, please do contact me...
Any comment/suggestion is welcome though ^^