Ikariam Empire Board

By oliezekat Last update Dec 10, 2012 — Installed 815,399 times.

Script Summary: Display population, resources, trading, transports, incomes, buildings, and army or fleet units overviews for each cities. Support any countries/languages.

Version: 209

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READY FOR IKARIAM v.0.4.5 (mobile version) tested on s666/test server

HAPPY USER: tiny gift to script's author (aka oliezekat).

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It collects important information about your towns (population, amount of resources, transports between cities, gold incomes, building levels, buildings under construction, army and fleet units), and displays it all in small tables below your town.

This script require you display cities town halls, taverns, barracks, or shipyards views, and merchant transports view frequently to update tables content.

TIPS: any "!" symbols mean that's require your attention (and visit these pages) to fetch or update data needed to design overviews.

IMPORTANT: require Ikariam Switch Login Type script (by Tobbe) to play with Ikariam mobile version on desktop computer.

Add-Ons :

- Empire Board Graphic Add-on, display icons for buildings and military units.
- Empire Board Shortcuts Add-on, add buttons and keyboard shortcuts.
- Empire Board OverTheTop Add-on, display overviews while mouse-over advisors.
- Empire Board Update Manager by holyschmidt.
- Empire Board Wide Screen AddOn by tivolimeister.

Scripts writers : use Empire Board ARexx API to design new add-ons.


Version 2.0.9:
- Fix bug under Firefox 17 (or higher) ; no longer use E4X syntax.
- Grant Greasemonkey's API required.
- Apply Garbage collector only under Ikariam mobile version (to prevent lost of data).
- Add persian language, thank to elm10.

NB: you may update Empire Board Graphic AddOn to fix Firefox 17 bug.

Version 2.0.8:
- Empire Board is enabled if connected with Ikariam mobile version
- Support two newest buildings places
- Fix to replace some .gif by .png pictures

Version 2.0.7:
- Fix to detect Ikariam v.0.5.x version number
- Fix to detect Ikariam v.0.5.x revision number
- Disable overviews output under Ikariam v.0.5.x (or higher)

Previous changes :

See LAST CHANGES discussion topic.


- Advice to set this script (which not change game UI) to top priority while use anothers scripts.
NB: some add-ons require lower priority than Empire Board script.

- Google Chrome users need TamperMonkey plugin (bellow) to use Empire Board script.

- You may create and use personal profile/session (aka Windows user account) if you share same computer with another player.


Known bugs :

- Lot of bugs under Ikariam v. 0.3.2 (See dedicated discussion).
- Not support units moving to update army counters.
- Missing translation. Need define buildings shortnames
- Not support resources transports launched by another players.

Help me find another bugs to fix...

Some ideas :

- Sort buildings and units by type ; army, fleet, growth, trading, science, etc.
- Add spies as unit
- Add all units cost per cities.
- Estimate incomes while move units, change resource production or research
- Add units attack/defense bonus or score
- Add option to display units/buildings pictures Designed as Graphic Addon
- Add option to hide trading and resources transports
- Add buttons and check building upgrade requirements.

You are invited to submit ideas...