TinyURL Decoder

By setomits Last update May 12, 2011 — Installed 133,668 times.

Script Summary: decode shortened URLs to original URLs


I myself have never used this script for months because current Twitter UI shows the decoded URLs and I have used Twitter for Mac in these couples of months. So I will stop supporting and maintaining this script. 2011/Jun/29th 1:41am


  • Before:
    encoded by TinyURL
  • After:
    encoded by TinyURL


All these URLs will be decoded to http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/40582 . And there are some services which are not listed in but supported.
  1. http://0rz.tw/Rq0yZ
  2. http://2tu.us/cxx
  3. http://LNK.by/fglc7
  4. http://alturl.com/mjn7
  5. http://alturl.com/xrqp
  6. http://arm.in/2fe
  7. http://b23.ru/2bc
  8. http://bacn.me/j7t0
  9. http://bit.ly/GitV
  10. http://bitly.com/GitV
  11. http://budurl.com/nnna
  12. http://chilp.it/?aa82f8
  13. http://cli.gs/PeAnYj
  14. http://doiop.com/9d924f
  15. http://fat.ly/8q3ypo
  16. http://fur.ly/r3
  17. http://fwd4.me/07X
  18. http://good.ly/ur78fdu
  19. http://hub.tm/?hXxzw
  20. http://idek.net/6Ys
  21. http://is.gd/metg
  22. http://j.mp/GitV
  23. http://kl.am/23q
  24. http://korta.nu/e650
  25. http://linkbee.com/FXDF
  26. http://ln-s.net/367N
  27. http://lnk.in/6nzy
  28. http://m2lb.info/791479/
  29. http://merky.de/srscrp
  30. http://migre.me/kiC
  31. http://moourl.com/zteeg
  32. http://nsfw.in/aa82f8
  33. http://ow.ly/22dH
  34. http://p.ly/bSL2c
  35. http://ponyurl.com/3fttsw
  36. http://reallytinyurl.com/1069
  37. http://retwt.me/GHwQ
  38. http://sexyurl.to/541f09
  39. http://shar.es/m4ryD
  40. http://simurl.com/gotniz
  41. http://slnk.me/f01
  42. http://snipr.com/dbcms
  43. http://snipurl.com/dbcms
  44. http://snurl.com/dbcms
  45. http://su.pr/2mMmf8
  46. http://thecow.me/9fa0561c
  47. http://tighturl.com/cxx
  48. http://tiny.cc/v3Kp6
  49. http://tinyurl.com/9scudc
  50. http://tinyurl.com/preview.php?num=9scudc
  51. http://to.ly/W6
  52. http://togoto.us/smz
  53. http://tr.im/ie07
  54. http://tra.kz/nzq
  55. http://twurl.nl/f813yb
  56. http://u.nu/5e9
  57. http://unhub.com/FhSd
  58. http://ur1.ca/26vg
  59. http://url.az/b4
  60. http://url.ie/1eqf
  61. http://urlcut.com/1rmtg
  62. http://urlenco.de/ieltug
  63. http://wurl.ws/NOEa
  64. http://www.x.se/5ux
  65. http://xr.com/5wy
  66. http://xrl.us/benqjs
  67. http://yatuc.com/w3e
  68. http://yep.it/_yg9ah


I considered about security issues, and make this script work at only these 3 types of URL: If you want to make this script work at other URLs, you can set with following steps.
  1. "Tool"
  2. "Greasemonkey"
  3. "User Script Commands"
  4. "Reset cache of TinyURL Decoder"
If you installed this script before and have just reinstalled, it might not work soon because of the cache data. You can clear the cache data with following submenues of Firefox:
  1. "Tool"
  2. "Greasemonkey"
  3. "Manage Scripts..."
  4. "TinyURL Decoder" at left pane
  5. "Add" at "pages to execute user script"
  6. If you want to let this script work every page, input "*".
And you can check cached URLs in console of Firefox with below:
  1. "Tool"
  2. "Error Console"
  3. "Tool"
  4. "Greasemonkey"
  5. "User Script Commands"
  6. "Show cache of TinyURL Decoder"
Anchor texts, which are almost shortened URLs, will be replaced with the original long URLs by default. If you don't like that behavior, you can change it with following steps:
  1. "Tool"
  2. "Greasemonkey"
  3. "User Script Commands"
  4. "Keep anchor text original"
Then, if you want this script work as before, you can reset the configuration with following steps:
  1. "Tool"
  2. "Greasemonkey"
  3. "User Script Commands"
  4. "Replace anchor text decoded (default)"


  • 2011/May/13th 0:05 JST Added t.co. Deleted lots of services which are not run no more.
  • 2010/Sep/21st 23:50 JST Added htn.to. Deleted 2big.at, aus.ly, br.st, devnull.at, href.in, hurl.me, l.pr, link.gs, rt.nu, smallr.com and zz.gd. Fixed togoto.us, bitly.com, cli.gs, myurl.in, oneclip.jp, tr.im and urlenco.de.
  • 2010/May/14th 17:40 JST Deleted bloat.me, buttn.me, dwarfurl.com, r.im, z.pe and mylnk.us. Modified nsfw.in, url.az and onc.li. Added shar.es and dld.bz.
  • 2010/Mar/28th 0:20 JST Deleted fff.to, minurl.fr, kissa.be, dz.ly, lin.cr, piurl.com, qurlyq.com, turls.me, u.mavrev.com and wva.gd. Modified preview version of zurl.ws, no1.in, urlenco.de and thecow.me.
  • 2009/Dec/15th 12:25 JST Added goo.gl in supported.
  • 2009/Dec/11th 12:43 JST Added post.ly in supported, and fixed behavior for migre.me.
  • 2009/Dec/2nd 13:10 JST Deleted pic.gd and urlxp.com because they changed or closed their services.
  • 2009/Nov/3rd 21:30 JST Deleted burnurl.com. Recovered togoto.us and u.mavrev.com. Added wp.me and sinaurl.cn.
  • 2009/Oct/17th 21:25 JST Deleted togoto.us and u.mavrev.com temporally.
  • 2009/Oct/16th 19:30 JST Deleted urltrim.co.cc and removed burnurl.com temporally. Modified sexyurl.to. Added tinyftw.com and fwd4.me.
  • 2009/Oct/8th 11:30 JST Deleted link.gs from supported temporally. Add 3.ly, su.ly, z.pe, retwt.me and urltrim.co.cc in supported. Made possible not to replace anchor texts.
  • 2009/Oct/1st 5:15 JST Deleted orkurl.com and added fat.ly, aus.ly, p.ly, wva.gd, dz.ly no1.in and thecow.me in supported.
  • 2009/Sep/19th 8:50 JST Added pic.gd and devnull.at in supported.
  • 2009/Sep/18th 23:30 JST Deleted til.li and xii.li. Added br.st, got back w3t.org.
  • 2009/Sep/10th 0:25 JST Added j.mp to supported. Modified to work cuthut.com and su.pr. Deleted short.la and shuurl.com because they look end their services. Deleted tr.im temporally to use their new API. w3t.org is deleted temporally because they look be down right now.
  • 2009/Aug/26th 8:50 JST Modify to use API of u.mavrev.com. Added sexyurl.to in supported.
  • 2009/Aug/18th 17:30 JST Added 2tu.us and 2big.at in supported.
  • 2009/Aug/17th 15:45 JST Removed lnkd.in and www.shortener.net because their domain might be expired and became spam sites... Modified rt.nu, added turls.me, mylnk.us and orkurl.com. Thanks for information by Swarnava/Heaven GOD. http://userscripts.org/topics/32656
  • 2009/Jul/22nd 23:00 JST Removed so-smart.be and peaurl.com. Recovered ln-s.net.
  • 2009/Jul/22nd 14:00 JST Fixed the pattern for onclip.jp. Added the pattern for 0rz.tw. Replace from "&" to "&"
  • 2009/Jul/10th 19:20 JST Add gog.is and l.pr in supported. Thanks to AlexCeed's request. to.ly looks recovered, so support it again.
  • 2009/Jul/4th 0:15 JST cli.gs's API looks not working, so fixed simply following the link. to.ly looks having some server trouble, so commented out. poprl.com looks not working for a long, so removed the configuration for it.
  • 2009/Jun/21st 23:00 JST Improved a little bit for cli.gs, and added fur.ly in supported. Removed some not working services.
  • 2009/Jun/12th 23:05 JST Added su.pr in supported. Make 6url.com back.
  • 2009/Jun/6th 0:20 JST Added a2a.me in supported. Fixed patterns for ow.ly, w3t.org and is.gd. fff.to and zurl.ws look recovered then support again. 6url.com, justlink.us, poourl.com and tini.us look down then except them.
  • 2009/May/20th 0:00 JST Added good.ly in supported.
  • 2009/May/19th 8:35 JST Fixed behavior at rt.nu with their change. Exclude fff.to and zurl.ws because of some trouble of their services
  • 2009/May/18th 22:25 JST Fixed not to try decode bit.ly's resources.
  • 2009/May/11th 0:10 JST Added cuthut.com, rt.nu and buttn.me in supported. Fixed pattern for shuurl.com with their change. Exclude kissa.be because they look be down now.
  • 2009/May/6th 14:50 JST Added minurl.org, tcrn.ch, ri.ms and awe.sm in supported.
  • 2009/May/2nd 12:10 JST Added tini.us, poourl.com and justlink.us which look provided by same service.
  • 2009/Apr/28th 7:55 JST Added oneclip.jp in supported. ex) http://search.twitter.com/search?q=oneclip.jp
  • 2009/Apr/26th 17:10 JST Fixed the behavior in case of u.nu's preview.
  • 2009/Apr/25th 15:30 JST Fixed a part to check whether decode or not. Added u.nu in supported.
  • 2009/Apr/25th 15:00 JST Improved the performance:
    1. not access many times to same URLs
    2. adjust the interval automatically with the numbers of URLs to decode
    3. fixed the way to control cache data
  • 2009/Apr/24th 9:00 JST Added 4 more services in supported. Change time to rerun little.
  • 2009/Apr/24th 0:20 JST Fixed to follow the change lnk.by made. Brought bloat.me back because their service has come back. Change the behavior to replace safer.
  • 2009/Apr/22nd 1:20 JST Added four more services in supported.
  • 2009/Apr/21st 9:25 JST Fixed not to run when URL points the root of the service. Added kissa.be, shortner.net and urlXP in supported.
  • 2009/Apr/20th 18:05 JST Added sn.im which is yet another alias of SNIPURL and r.im in supported.
  • 2009/Apr/20th 0:50 JST *yawn* Added linkbee.com in supported. Set encoded URL to title attribute.
  • 2009/Apr/18th 2:00 JST Added url.so-smart.me and hub.tm in supported.
  • 2009/Apr/17th 9:10 JST Added arm.in, htxt.it, kl.am, minify.me and to.ly in supported.
  • 2009/Apr/14th 0:25 JST Added myurl.in, cloakreferer.com, moveto.ws, m2lb.info and ninjalink.com in supported. Thanks to AlexCeed for his or her research. ref: http://userscripts.org/topics/24667
  • 2009/Apr/13th 17:45 JST Added a pattern for gol.ly which changed the behavior...
  • 2009/Apr/12th 8:40 JST Fixed pattern for burnurl.com. Added hurl.com in supported.
  • 2009/Apr/12th 1:15 JST Added short.la in supported.
  • 2009/Apr/11th 19:00 JST Added gol.ly and xii.li in supported. Append digg.com URL into samples.
  • 2009/Apr/11th 2:00 JST Fixed the behavior with digg.com. Use HTMLAnchorElement class positively. Added 6 more services in supported.
  • 2009/Apr/10th 0:55 JST Fixed again... I'm very sorry..
  • 2009/Apr/10th 0:35 JST Fixed a bug not to work in case of pointing API URL.
  • 2009/Apr/10th 0:20 JST Alter to use some APIs URL shortener services provide. Fixed exclude sections. Added toGOto.us in supported services.
  • 2009/Apr/5th 19:50 JST Added 9 more in supported services, now digg.com is included in. Catch the error in regular expression matching. I should spend more time with my wife...
  • 2009/Apr/5th 14:00 JST Added "ow.ly" in supported services. Tweaked regular expression patters.
  • 2009/Apr/5th 11:45 JST Fixed a bug how to cache data. Register cache controlling functions and rewrite the way to use "notice" above these "update".
  • 2009/Apr/4th 14:25 JST Added lots of services in supported...
  • 2009/Apr/4th 10:30 JST Added "0rz.tw" and "cli.gs" in supported services
  • 2009/Apr/4th 9:40 JST Added "minurl.fr", "short.to", "poprl.com" and "buzzup.com" in supported services
  • 2009/Apr/4th 9:10 JST Added "doiop.com" and "w3t.org" in supported services
  • 2009/Apr/4th 7:25 JST Added "tr.im" in supported services
  • 2009/Apr/4th 2:00 JST Added "migre.me", and modify exclude section
  • 2009/Apr/4th 1:20 JST Make the script available to decode "nsfw.in", "qurlyq.com", "urlenco.de"(JavaScript type) and "lnk.in". I'm sure that it might not be the best way, but it does work.
  • 2009/Mar/20th 19:45 JST Repeat decoding for AJAX "more" button and/or for with any other GM scripts like "Nested Twitter Replies" http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/30598.
  • 2009/Mar/7th 15:43 JST Added and delete some services, add sample URLs to description
  • 2009/Mar/5th 17:20 JST Decode not only tinyurl.com but also any similar services