Twitter Savior

By Bjorn Stromberg Last update Feb 5, 2009 — Installed 27,149 times.

Script Summary: Twitter Savior saves you from tweets that contain words you don't want to see.

Twitter Savior

Had enough bacon in your tweets? Tired of seeing tweets about Steve Jobs’ health? Don’t think that tweets about Travolta’s personal affairs are relevant to your life? Twitter Savior can fix all of that and save you from all kinds of other tweet-related afflictions. Twitter Savior is a greasemonkey script that filters out tweets containing keywords that you set. Just visit and start living the easy life.

If you're wondering what else I've got that will make your life better, you can check out my updates on the bjornstar tumblelog. Or head directly to the greasemonkey script collection to get to the really good stuff.

UPDATE 2009-02-05: Did Twitter change their code? Or was this always broken? It works now though.