By moopet Last update Jan 18, 2009 — Installed 1,137 times.

Script Summary: Adds a watch-list button to eBay list views.

If I'm logged in to eBay and search for something, sometimes I just want to add a few items to my watch list without having to go through the motions of clicking the item, waiting for the item description page to load, clicking to add to my watchlist, clicking to return to the results...
This script solves that by embedding a button in every item's description on the eBay search results page. The button changes to a tick once it's been clicked.

Graphics for the buttons are embedded in the script.

Only set up to work for .co.uk and .com so far.
Note that it only inserts the buttons if you're logged in to eBay. Otherwise there's not much point.


  • Test it a bit more - it's my first public script and I've not really tested it at all.
  • Make sure it works with other TLDs.
  • Allow clicking on the button a second time to remove the item from your watch list (this is more complicated than it sounds)

Known Issues

  • For some reason, when it's installed, clicking on the next page link immediately scrolls to the top of the page before loading. This is a bit disorienting as it makes you think the page has changed already.
  • Items added in this way still offer a button to "add to watchlist" on the item description page even though they're already on it. This is just plain weird, and smacks of some inconsistency in eBay's database.

New version (18 Jan 2009)

  • Changed graphics to make it more obvious when something's watched (coloured the button yellow)
  • Added loading graphics as placeholders until the AJAX request completes. Looks like fewer buttons are just popping up randomly now :)
  • Added event when user clicks an item that's already watched to offer to take them to their watch list
  • Added informative titles to images
  • Changed buttons to be anchors and images rather than input buttons because this was causing shop views to submit the wrong form