By blannie Last update Jul 23, 2009 — Installed 11,397 times.

Script Summary: Facebook's pirates autoplayer

Version: 2.1.0

small autoplayer helping you with the Facebook's pirates game

-auto refresh page with random time
- auto log important information (not all yet)
- auto mission feature (not all yet)
- auto fight feature (not fully tested)
- auto banking feature (deposits gold above configured amount)
- auto clan update feature (when new members joined the clan)
- nice and easy to use settings screen

v2.1 (SVN 54) Major release by Colin1497
- Autobuy properties now full implemented with 3 options -- autobuy only normal properties, autobuy all properties, including "limited edition" properties, and autobuy all properties but only buy limited edition properties that you don't already own (for me, I'm a collector).

v2.0.9 by Colin1497
- A few bugfixes and I got ROI display up and running. It's a bit slow, but it works.
- add feature to reset petvisit variable when if an autoplay hasn't happened in more than 2X the max reload frequency. This will make sure that if you've been away a while, the pet will get visited with high priority. It uses the reload2 frequency even if you don't have utorefresh enabled.
- correct scanfightlist() function to store the fightlist (was waiting to fight function to do this). This corrected some looping issues when you installed script for first time with certain setting combinations.
- property ROI and time to repay now shows up

- updated version by Colin1497

- Auto-fight fixes / Fresh Meat still works, it's just called differently.
- Auto-Pet fixes. Will now start feeding when energy < 50%, and when energy is enough to feed it all the way up to ~90%-100%, making sure no energy is wasted. (For example: it won't feed again if the pet's energy is 85%, since feeding increases energy by 20%.
- pause fixes. No reload on pausing now. Resuming returns to index page.
- Auto-stats
- Island feature. The autoplayer will now automatically store built up resources if there's more than 5 of any available.

- update for fixing script with new game user interface

v1.3.0 (thx to IEF)
-Logging look and feel updates.
-Performance updates for the fighting logic.
It will also fight fresh meat < 25 health now.
-Auto-pet, I should port this newer code back to the HvsV script, since it's performing better.
-Auto-treasure chest + logging
-Tier Mastery will now continue with the next job in line after the 'current' one has been mastered. Only when the end of the tier has been reached, it starts checking from the first job within the tier. More logical this way.

v1.2.3 (thx to IEF)
- mission logic renewed and fixed
- mission mastery added
- setttings look and feel updated
- pauze function added

- added nice gui
- added check for update logic
- added cost per island indication
- added invite logic

- added missions for tabpage 4
- added auto heal logic
- added random fight logic
- small logging changes

basic port from my vampire wars autoplayer script