Auto Fill any forms with custom information

By XaviEsteve Last update Jun 30, 2011 — Installed 31,384 times.

Script Summary: Autofill and complete online web formularies with your custom data to avoid the tedious task of typing everything again and again.

Version: 2.0a

License: Creative Commons Attributive Share-Alike 3.0

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Fills in all information in a form automatically with your custom data

Avoid the tedious process of completing online forms with this fast and light script by completing textboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons and passwords plus deselects newsletter or spam e-mail checkboxes and selects the "agreetotherules" or +18 age ones.


  • Fills all the text boxes in a form
  • Intelligent detect of checkboxes (checks the Do-you-agree checkboxes, unchecks the spam ones...)
  • Randomly selects radio buttons and drop-down menus
  • Works for all forms, not just the create accounts one
  • Graphical interface to customize your data
  • Auto-focuses Captcha textboxes so you can start typing it
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Thoroughly tested at the most common websites plus blog/forum/wiki systems

Customize your data!

To customize it, go to the Greasemonkey bottom icon, right click it then User Scripts Commands and then AutoFill: Options:

This little form will appear so you can customize everything:

It has been tested in more than 100+ registration forms among the Internet and works great.

To use it, just click the AutoFill custom command. All the detected fields will be filled.

NOTE: The dropdown menus and the radio buttons are selected randomly in this version of the script.

Feedback, comments?

Any feedback, suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.
Please send me an e-mail (you will find it at my homepage) since I cannot check the Feedback here often.


All the information stored in the AutoFill script will not be sent to anyone,
it is just stored in the computer you install it (as Firefox private variables).
BUT, if someone skilled accesses your computer, he/she can read the data,
so try not to use the same password you use at something serious...
Each computer stores its custom data.

To do

  • GUI for setup and options DONE
  • Auto-focus Captcha text-box DONE
  • Extend it to other types of forms (not only register ones) DONE
  • Customize Dropdowns and Radios DONE
  • jQuery powered DONE
  • Detect age from introduced birth
  • Different profiles (to have real and fake ones) DONE
  • Optional prompt to auto-submit it to BugMeNot
  • Generate random data
  • Fill in Textareas too
  • Workaround for Options in Chrome
  • Option to auto-submit it
  • Language support (community support needed)