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Script Summary: Ogame Script "InfoCompte" International version. - v1.3.10 - This script parses building, defence and research pages and tells you where your points come from / on what you spent your resources.

Version: 1.3.10

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new in 1.3.10 : If you click on your fleet points you will get to see the table that should make it a bit more obvious how these fleet points are calculated. See image below
InfoCompte 1.3.10 Fleet Calculation Table Heavily modified version of frenchie Vulca's "InfoCompte Inter", even though all I wanted to do was to add support for German universes. Since Vulca abandoned it (or so I thought..), I am maintaining it now. Other supported languages: English (.org and .us), Spanish ( and .mx), Portuguese ( and, Swedish (.se), Dutch (.nl), Bosian (.ba), Greek (.gr), Polish ( and Bulgarian (.bg). More can be added easily, if requested and then tested. pictures (Overview page german, english): InfoCompte. . .InfoCompte. . . How to use: Install Greasemonkey, install this script (duh), visit your research page and every buildings- and defence page (as well as every fleet page with sol sats), then go back to Overview and press the second green button to reset the progress counter. Pressing the first green arrow button will give to the bbcode to use in forums or ingame. Is it legal? Simple answer: yes. Longer answer: Every ogame community(/language/whatever it's called) has to approve of any script or program, anything not approved of is forbidden by definition. This script has been approved of for .de, .org and .nl (the original was approved for .fr too but that language is not supported in this version), but since it's not giving you any addiontional functionality and not requesting info on its own, just reading the pages you open, it is so harmless and probably hard to detect that no problems should arise from using it anywhere it works. original script on english ogame board @ this post
 ## "InfoCompte - deutsch" v1.3.10  ##
 ###  for ogame v0.83 - NOT the redesign
  x This script should be first in the list of scripts for ogame, otherwise it might not be able to
     properly parse the pages. But I guess that depends on the other scripts and their settings,
     probably works either way. (Unlike the Resource Panel Script, which _will_ break if you run
     something that changes the appearance of the resource screen.)
  x When installing a new version it is recommended to uninstall the old version and trash the values
     of the old variables while you're at it. It should not be necessary anymore though.
     However, if you got a version lower than 1.3.7 you need to remove that, newer than 1.3.6 will not
     overwrite the old versions, which will lead to the funny situation that both versions will be run.
  x This script's own production calculation doesn't care about temperature, energy, or mine settings
     lower than 100%. If you want exact values, use Resouce Panel. For german unis: -  and let's hope this works everywhere else: .
  x Power plants are not included in the calcution of mine points, even though I think it should. But
     I guess other people can have other opinions, so I'll leave it as it is.
  x Still on ToDo List: 
     * Rewriting price/point calculation (trouverinfo())
     * Giving the script the ability to learn new languages on its own,
        using a GM_xmlhttpRequest on the TechTree page (Overview page and BBcode would still
        be english though, the script will never be able to make up its own words.)
     * Adding an option to turn off planet pies if that is needed
     * fleet page: showing tf that would be created if the fleet that is standing there is crashed
     * overall fleet calculation from fleet pages (standing) and overview (flying)
        - this will require prediction, I do not have that kind of time right now.
 version history: 
 1.3.10 (21.03.2009)
  - Eliminated all . (dots) that were used as decimal points and replaced them with a comma.
  - Moon points no longer count as indestructible (requested).
  - Fixed Production display with res panel script for crys and deut values over 1kk/day (thx Vess).
  - Added debug info for Overview page so that you can see how the fleet points are calculated, 
     it's not displayed by default though, you need to click on your fleet points to unhide it.
  - My attempt to fix IPMs and ABMs for .pl broke Def when ogs with cargo option was active, fixed.
     I still don't know if IBMs are still broken for some languages, so please let me know. (09.02.2009)
  - Brasilian and Portuguese should be working now, as well as Polish. 
  - If you still have troubles with Nanite detection, just disable it be editing this script:
     replace "var detect_nanites = true;" with "var detect_nanites = false;" and don't forget to
     report it to me so I can try to fix it. (27.01.2009)
  - Balkan language fixed too now.
  - Useless Tech info (HyperTech > 8, Laser > 12, Ion > 5, Plasma > 7, Network > 7, Graviton > 1):
     If 'debug points' is enabled and you have some of those useless technologies, then you should
     now see how many points you spent on those on the Research page. (26.01.2009)
  - Dutch should work now, balkan is still not fixed, hopefully next update.
  - Autoupdate function included: You should now see it on the Overview page if there's a new version
     of this script, links to the /show/ page and a direct link to the new script will be provided.
     I hope I didn't fuck this up completely. (24.01.2009)
  - No changes, just two more languages. (18.01.2009)
  - Minor fixes/changes in 'This Planet' info and fleet page code. (18.01.2009)
  - Added sol sats detection for 'This Planet' info, so now you have to visit fleet pages too
     if you have sats there.
  - Fixed Spanish and Swedish (hopefully) - strings were broken, should be fixed, but no way to test. 
  1.3.9: (16.01.2009)
  - Fixed hidden Nanites level calculation for german unis. I knew it was fucking up so it
     was commented out before 1.3.7, now finally I managed to find what caused it to go berserk.
  - Fixed flying fleets detection, that one only worked properly for english so far.
  - Minor cosmetics for current planet point info: Zero values will be omitted now.
  - Average Progress counter is now reset along with Progress, and even sits in the same line
     if both are active.
  - Added a pie to 'This Planet' line. If you know a better place for it or if you have it, tell me.
     So far you can only turn it off manually by replacing the 'true' with a 'false' in line 142.
  1.3.8: (13.01.2009)
  - Fixed a bug that caused the script to fail on Overview page if you didn't have enough colors
  - On Overview page you can now see the points of the current planet.
  - Production calculation now uses Resource Panel Cookies if present.
  1.3.7: (29.12.2008)
  - Changed name and namespace so that Vulca's script for the new ogame won't overwrite this one.
  - Added Planet ID info to buildings and def pages (minor stuff).
  - Nanites detection that made no sense to me before was commented back in - it tries to detect 
     Nanites if robotics has been deconstructed.
  1.3.6: (21.12.2008)
  - Finally made the settings page work in FireFox 2 too by adding document.getElementsByClassName(), 
     FF2 is now completely supported. Finally.
  1.3.5: (20.12.2008)
  - This file is UTF-8 encoded, and not changing that for hosting fixed all troubles with special
     characters. At the same time it should have broken Swedisch language support since it was made
     for ANSI. All those ISO 8859-1 character entity names for special characters are now replaced
     with the actual characters, thus most likely fixing Swedish again.
  1.3.4: (19.12.2008)
  - Every single building/tech/def structure with total points > 1k was bugged because thousands
     separator function "addPoints()" fucks up if the values aren't integer.
  1.3.3: (19.12.2008)
  - Fixed typo that caused the script not to load at all with Total Structure option on.
  - Fixed incompability issue on building and defence page with ogame-skript when debuginfo-option
     is on and there is only one type of structure present.
  - Added '.' as thousands separator for the debuginfo numbers (Overview page already had them
     since the beginning).
  1.3: (19.12.2008)
  - Added Debug Info option, defaults to true.
  1.2: (18.12.2008)
  - Commented out 2 whole code blocks that were only trying to determine Nanites points
     by using level and construction time of the metal mine, level of robotics factory and
     speeduni information, which just made no sense to me. It's a normal building 
     and all calculations should be done as with all other buildings.
     Maybe this fixes some of the huge numbers people were getting for Other Buildings points?
     probably not ..
     More likely, people just need to reorder their GreaseMonkey scripts, letting this script do its
     job before some other script changes the pages.
  - Production calculation now actually cares if it's a speeduni, and it detects active Geologist
     for its +10% bonus.
  - Added the +'</a>' to all (tdnode[f].innerHTML).indexOf(nom_def/bat/tech[i]+'</a>',0)
     and removed all </a> inside all languages' nom_ arrays - the real fix to the Iontech issue.
  1.1: (18.12.2008)
   - attempted to fix bad 'other structures' values on big planets, hope it works. (It didn't.)
   - added colors to braces on overview when enough colors are defined.
  1.0: (17.12.2008)
   - fixed Iontech value, and improper parsing when Plasmatech was present.
   - added Speedunis.
   - something else?