Page Width Resizer

By mstm Last update Oct 15, 2012 — Installed 3,324 times.

Script Summary: Adds translucent borders to both sides of the page. By dragging one of the borders, you can change the width of each page without resizing the window (preserving the page sizes in other tabs).

Version: 0.4

Supported Browsers:
Firefox 4.0+

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Version History:
2012-10-15 Added updates for Greasemonkey 1.0+ (v0.4)
2009-11-19 Fixed an issue with Firefox 3.5+ (v0.3)
2009-03-18 Fixed an issue with online rich-text editors (v0.2)
2008-12-17 Posted to
2007-10-10 Initial version (v0.1)