Google Cache Mapper

By mstm Last update Oct 15, 2012 — Installed 3,437 times.

Script Summary: Adds a navigation bar along the left border of the window that provides a quick way to find highlighted terms on a Google's cached page.

Version: 0.4

Try this script on Google cache pages (e.g.,!

Supported Browsers:
Firefox 4.0+

External Resources:

Version History:
2012-10-15 Added updates for Greasemonkey 1.0+ (v0.4)
2011-05-17 Fixed issues with Firefox 4 and new Google cache pages (v0.3)
2009-05-12 Minor usability improvements (v0.2)
2008-12-17 Posted to
2005-10-25 Initial version (v0.1)