By escher2008 Last update Jan 27, 2009 — Installed 171 times.

Script Summary: On the reddit site, movies are no longer shown between the articles list when you click 'watch' but are placed on top of it. Movie box is *draggable*.

Normally when a link contains a video you click on watch and two links (to articles) move apart and a video appears between them. This script makes it so that the movie is displayed in the middle of the screen. Works for Firefox and Opera. Doesn't work so well for lower resolutions as there isn't much room on the screen then.

EDIT 11-12-2008: Movie box is now draggable. If the box is in your way, use the title bar to drag it to a different part of the webpage.

(There is a minor issue with iframes. If the mouse pointer loses the titlebar over an iframe it (the pointer) tends to stick to the title bar. Just click on the bar to correct)

EDIT #2 11-12-2008: Cursor over title bar now turns into the 'move' type cursor.

EDIT 12-12-2008: Removed some unnecessary DIVs.

EDIT 18-12-2008: Added some includes for other reddit countries.

EDIT 27-01-2009: Made necessary changes to make this script work with the revised reddit (which now uses jQuery).