Customized Mangafox

By knaces Last update May 22, 2009 — Installed 4,792 times.

Script Summary: Legacy Script

Version: 3.0

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Main Features:

  • Prefetching
    • Loads the next page for quicker viewing
    • People who change between manga pages quickly (before the next page loads fully) won't benifit from this so it's recommended to turn off
    • Mainly for reduce display time of next image since it reads the image from cache insteads of downloading it (downloads the image on previous page to cache)
  • Image Stretch
    • Dynamic Stretching of the manga based on window size
    • Reduces number of clicks dealing with image size and page change for large images
  • Toggling of Site Nagavation
    • Removes the area containing the site navagation and information
    • Can be control by keyboard shortcut button [ESC]
  • Removal of Manga Navagation Bar
    • Adjust to your reading style
  • Removal of Ads
    • Removes the ads (Off by default)
  • Chrome Support
    • Some issues/limitations but works at least

Configuring the settings
This script is based mostly around the use of *User Script Commands* to configure this script. One keyboard shortcut command [ESC] button for toggling the site navigation area for quicker and easier access.

Tested under firefox 3.5.1, firefox 3.1/3.5 beta, and chrome dev (build
Chrome issues includes lack of user script commands and esc shortcut key doesn't work. Also the javascripts that don't run in firefox (ads/tracking related) makes it the page slower as well as they do run in chrome. Overal, the experience is somewhat worst then firefox.

Those looking for modifying the classic look, check out the previous versions of this script (pre-2.0) though I see little reason to do so.