Gmail Drafts & Spam count Hide

By Manu J Last update Dec 21, 2008 — Installed 742 times.

Script Summary: Hide the Spam & Drafts count in Gmail.

Version: 2.4 2008-12-21

Hide the Spam & Drafts count in Gmail. You can control whether to show the count of Spam/Drafts through Tools->Greasemonkey->User Script Commands. You need to be on the gmail page for the user script commands to get activated. Compatible with the new themes
Compatible with all language supported by Gmail

Known Bug

The spam count may flicker on and off briefly sometimes.

Revision Changes

  • Version 2.4 Bugfixes for hiding the spam count always. Disabling Gmonkey user script command as it is not required anymore
  • Version 2.3 Disabling gmonkey integration by default until further investigation to see if it causes gmail javascript to hang. You can enable it via user script commands. Support for non English languages .
  • Version 2.2 Spam count was being shown if the user naviagted to spam view and read messages or deleted read messages. Using the gmonkey object these events are trapped and used to hide count again
  • Version 2.1 Fixed high cpu usage by caused by settimeout calls
  • Version 2.0 Complete rewrite. Drafts and Spam links maintain the original style properties. Ability to hide spam count. Configurable via user script commands
  • Version 1.0 Initial Version. Based on Hide Spam Count.


  • The script Tiffany reviewed was version 1.0. The minor annoyance mentioned in that review (Drafts link was always underlined despite your theme settings) has been fixed in this version.
  • Banananphone reviewed script version 2.2. The theme is now compatible with all languages that gmail supports