GMail Without Ads!

By xMDKx Last update Oct 9, 2009 — Installed 48,714 times.

Script Summary: GMail without ads, simple as it! Now, version 2.02

10/09/2009: This is a newer version of GMailWA, but still needing a better support to Opera and Chrome web browsers... :p

2.02 * Fixed quick link positioning
2.01 * Fixed some dependencies (like Create a document lab feature)
2.0 * Fixed the "right-side" labs features (chat and labels)
* Bumped to a new version
1.02 * Fixed the overriding problem with large subjects
1.01 * Thanks to kris7topher for fix the border on the right

You can get the new and fixed file on the install link, on my page (ATTENTION, I'll not provide a patch file anymore).

With this user script you can remove the ads from the right corner of your GMail, and you'll win a larger page to see your emails!

Truly it's a mod from another script, the GMail in Blue: Professional skin (it's great! I recommend) from marteau, with some little adaptations and runs on Firefox and Opera web browsers (not tested on Chrome yet).

You can contact me leaving some comment here or by my web page.

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