No YouNoobs Nov 2008

By Timothy Butwinick Last update Mar 27, 2009 — Installed 1,168 times.

Script Summary: YouTube comments are useless. Old scripts are, unfortunately, also useless. This is an updated version of Nicholas Francisco's "No YouNoobs" script ( Hides the stupid comments from Youtube movies.

Note: This script is very much outdated and most likely so are the instructions below.
The latest (?) version of this script is maintained by Ewyx at However, it has not been updated since 2010, so it probably won't work either.

Instead, I recommend the following extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari:

Hides the comments in YouTube. Pretty simple, I find the comments to be useless and populated by simple minded nutjobs and I'd rather not have to look at it :D

Very simple, just hides the 'watch-comments-stats' div.

Please, people, if this becomes obsolete, upload your own version. It's not hard; anyone can do it if they just follow these instructions:
1. Go to a Youtube video of your choice.
2. Locate the ID of the DIV-tag that keeps track of the comments. You can do this by checking the source code of the page, but I find that tools such as Firebug ( are of great help. With this installed, just right click on the comment box (or whatever laser-comment-plasma-flux-comment-area it has evolved into in the future) and select Inspect Element.
3. Go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions, then select Greasemonkey and press Preferences. Now select No YouNoobs in the list and press Edit. Choose your favourite text editor and you will see the script.
4. Edit the line that says var removeComments = document.getElementById('watch-comments-stats'); (it shouldn't be hard to find :P). Change 'watch-comments-stats' to match whatever the ID you found in step 2 was (don't forget to put it within parentheses).
5. Test the script, and see that it works as you want.
6. Now, to prove that you're on a higher level than the Youtube commenters that you so much detest, don't be an egoist. Share the script with the others! Upload it here on It's pretty self-explanatory.
7. Paste these instructions into your new version, improve them if you so like.
8. Regain faith in humanity.